Hand cream with urea: how to use it correctly


Always looking at 100% is a natural and undeniable desire of almost all modern women and girls. A lot of time is usually devoted to facial skin care, and it is on care products for this area of ​​\u200b\u200btheir body that women spend the most money. But, unfortunately, many people forget about the hands and just from time to time smear the skin with some kind of cream. But in vain, because the skin of the hands is daily subjected to no less stress than the face. It is by the condition of the skin of the hands that you can first of all find out the age of a woman. Therefore, the skin of this part of our body needs proper and daily care. For this purpose, a cream with urea is suitable — one of the novelties of recent seasons, which cosmetics manufacturers have pleased women with.

Hand cream with urea: what is the use of this component

Hand cream with urea: what is the use of this component

If you know firsthand what increased dryness of the skin is, and in your house there are a huge number of tubes with all kinds of products, then you need a cream, one of the ingredients of which is urea. And all because urea has a positive effect on the condition of the skin of the hands, this component perfectly moisturizes and nourishes it. In addition, it acts as a conductor of other useful elements. Regular use of a cream with this component will help the skin to cope with the aggressive effects of the environment and household chemicals much faster and more efficiently.

Urea is present in human skin. When its concentration is within the normal range, our skin is well-groomed and healthy, it has the necessary elasticity, and at the same time remains soft and perfectly moisturized. This is due to the presence of a natural barrier that prevents the negative effects of external factors on the skin.

If for some reason this component is not enough, the upper layers of the skin begin to suffer — the skin becomes dry, flabby, foci of peeling, cracks appear, and its color becomes dull, «unhealthy». To increase the content of this necessary element in the skin, a special hand cream with urea will help, which can be purchased both in pharmacies and in cosmetic stores.

Under laboratory conditions, urea was synthesized at the end of the 20th century. Now it is widely used in the manufacture of a variety of cosmetic products. The urea produced by synthesis is called carbamide, it is it that is used in the manufacture of cosmetics and medicines. Adding this component to the cream allows you to reduce the amount of preservatives used.

Hand cream: how this remedy works with the addition of urea

Why is synthetic urea often added to cosmetics and health products? The reason for this popularity lies in the effect on the skin, namely:

  • skin treated with such a hand cream absorbs moisture much better from the outside and keeps it inside much longer. Thanks to this, it always looks very fresh, is soft and elastic;
  • this component contributes to the active restoration of the skin and the activation of the protective function of the skin. Already after the first application of the cream, the skin of the hands becomes smoother;
  • when used in combination with other products, such as scrubs and masks, urea hand cream helps to remove old cells and cleanse the skin;
  • urea accelerates the healing of small wounds, protects the skin from the negative effects of household chemicals and slows down the aging process.

In addition, the component contributes to the most complete absorption of other ingredients that are also present in the cream and added to it during the procedure. Therefore, urea is used not only for cosmetic purposes, but also for medicinal purposes.

Cream application: how to use it correctly in care

Cream application: how to use it correctly in care

Hand creams with urea have excellent properties. But do not forget about individual intolerance, because no one has canceled it. In most cases, negative reactions to urea are found in owners of sensitive skin and people prone to allergic reactions.

Sometimes even the most innocuous ingredients in a cream or other product can cause reactions such as irritation, rashes, and itching. Therefore, before you start using the cream, you need to do an allergic test. In addition, it is important to remember that even if the allergy test turned out to be negative, you should not apply the product to your hands if the skin is irritated, inflamed and reddened, or there are open wounds on it.

If the allergy test is successfully passed and the integrity of the skin is not broken, then the use of a cream with urea can become a daily procedure. Apply the product to clean, dry skin of the hands once a day. It is absorbed very quickly, so there should not be any inconvenience (oiliness, humidity or sweating) with its use. If the skin is characterized by increased dryness, then you can use it twice a day until it returns to normal. In addition, nourishing masks and baths will not be superfluous.

Today, in the lines of almost all modern cosmetic brands there are hand creams with urea. If for some reason you were unable to purchase a suitable product, you can prepare it yourself from the components purchased at the pharmacy.

You will need:

  • 25 ml of water;
  • 4 g shea butter;
  • 8 g each of sweet almond oil and refined olive oil;
  • 5 g grape seed oil;
  • 1 teaspoon xanthan stabilizer;
  • 2 g of urea and lycetin;
  • Essential oil of orange, grapefruit or lemon to give the product a pleasant aroma.

First you need to mix all the available oils, warm them up a little in a water bath and add a stabilizer. Next, you need to warm the mixture until this component is completely dissolved. Urea must be diluted in warm water and then added to a fatty base with a stabilizer. When the resulting mass has cooled, drop a few drops of essential oil into it. Everything, the cream is ready!


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