Jeggings for overweight — fashionable clothes for any shape


In recent years, women’s clothes have risen to the peak of popularity, radically changing the image and adding sexuality to the appearance. Jeggings and leggings have gained particular popularity, emphasizing a thin waist and the best sides of the figure.

Regardless of body size and age, any woman can choose a fashion item that will decorate, transform and give youthfulness.. Modern fashion designers offer models of trousers for thin girls and chic jeggings for full ladies. These are comfortable and practical items for a wide range of purposes, allowing you to create fashionable bows and attractive images.

Wearing tight-fitting trousers, curvy women turn into sexy and graceful ladies. Due to the dense structure of the fabric and the absence of a rigid belt, the appearance of folds is eliminated and the visual effect of a graceful figure is created.


Jeggings are a kind of hybrid of two models — leggings and jeans. Products do not have darts, locks, buttons, buttons, and this feature plays into the hands of full girls. Errors of the figure are not accentuated, not ideal parts of the body become invisible, since a concise thing hides extra pounds and folds on the stomach as much as possible. If the tight belt of jeans squeezes, then the elastic top of the jeggings fits freely and pleasantly on the figure, without restricting movement and providing maximum comfort to wear.

The elasticity of jeggings is achieved through the use of fabric with a high content of synthetic additives. For their manufacture, cotton (denim), lycra, elastane and polyester are used. Threads of artificial origin significantly affect the properties of products, increase their strength, plasticity and contribute to the appearance of a slimming effect. For the manufacture of summer models, thin fabric with an elastane content of up to 30% is used. Demi-season and winter things are insulated with fleece and baize.

It is generally accepted that overweight women should not use very thin patterns that can emphasize figure errors.. It is better to use dense and insulated models that moderately slim the silhouette. With the right choice of elements of the ensemble, ladies of any age and complexion will look sexy and attractive.


Traditional jeggings have denim colors with a predominance of blue, gray and purple. Young people choose bright and expressive things with scuffs and holes, emphasizing the natural feminine beauty. Older women prefer clothes in restrained tones without unnecessary decoration. A variety of colors allows you to choose the perfect model that can accentuate the beneficial aspects of appearance, decorate and transform any woman..

Stylists advise curvaceous ladies to wear dark products that visually slim and correct the figure. Still, you should listen to your own intuition and use clothes that are close in spirit, mood and fashion preferences.

The choice of products is determined by many factors — seasonality, the purpose of the ensemble and individual characteristics..

  • For a summer walk, red, yellow, green samples with black-painted pockets and double seams are quite appropriate.
  • You can visit a cultural event in dark pants, combined with a bright and light top.
  • Dark gray or black samples are useful for work.
  • For a romantic date, you can wear burgundy, coffee, turquoise, purple products, and for everyday wear, things in muted shades will be the best choice.

We make a fashionable image

Modern fashion designers offer a wide range of products for women of any build. You can choose jeggings for a full figure. Such products allow you to create multifaceted and fashionable bows. Experimenting with elements of clothing and jewelry, the style changes dramatically, completely new and inimitable female images appear.

The peculiarity of the design and tailoring of products helps women look slimmer and taller. Imitation of pockets, belts and seams brings a special zest and expression to the style and adorns women of any physique.

The advantage of a hybrid of leggings and jeans is incredible comfort and the ability to model a silhouette.. Fashionable jeggings on overweight women look very beautiful and harmonious. Attractive things mask the fullness and imperfections of the figure, hide extra pounds and give freshness and youthfulness to the image.

It is important to choose the right cut so that the elements of clothing and jewelry help to smooth out the shapes and create attractive looks. When composing an ensemble, it is better to use a loose top up to the middle or below the thigh. Casual or oversized clothing looks great on full figures, hiding its flaws and emphasizing its advantages.

How and with what to wear jeggings? Trust your own taste and intuition, do not be afraid to experiment, and you will create an inimitable and sexy image of a charming lady.

  • To create a fashionable summer bow, you can use a long vest, a tunic to the middle of the thighs, a light dress of medium length.
  • In the spring, golf is useful, combined with an elongated cardigan or a fitted blouse to the knees.
  • In autumn, a cotton shirt or a knitted woolen tunic will decorate the silhouette.
  • In winter, you can wear a loose sweater or jacket with buttons just below the hips.

Jeggings on a natural basis are in perfect harmony with things of synthetic and natural origin, so you can combine trousers with knitted, cotton, wool, nylon, viscose or lace products. Suitable sweaters, jackets, cardigans, T-shirts, tunics, sweaters of different composition and color content. Each image and composed ensemble has the right to exist, the main thing is to be confident in yourself and in your irresistibility.

Shoes and accessories

If you want to use non-banal shoes, pay attention to oxfords, loafers, sneakers or slip-ons.

  • For everyday wear, closed shoes with laces or over the knee boots are perfect.
  • You can wear ballet shoes for a walk, and gladiator sandals or slippers are useful for a beach holiday.
  • When going on a business trip, pay attention to stylish wedge shoes or sandals.
  • Ankle boots are suitable for a party, and comfortable boots with shock-absorbing soles or sneakers will be the best choice for a country holiday.

When choosing accessories, you can stop at an elegant clutch bag, a stylish bracelet, kid gloves or a transparent neckerchief.. On the road, a practical backpack will come in handy; for sports, you will need a pedometer or a smart watch. Necklaces or beads made of natural stone will add femininity, and earrings, a ring or a stylish bracelet will emphasize the individuality. Overweight women should not choose too massive items and jewelry, so as not to weigh down the image. By following the rule of the golden mean, you can achieve harmony in the composition of the ensemble and look not only beautiful, but also sexy and attractive.

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