Under the Christmas tree: 35 luxury gift sets — for mom, boyfriend or girlfriend


There are only a few days left until the most magical and snowy holiday of the year! If you are not a superheroine who has already managed to buy gifts for all your relatives and friends, but a mere mortal like the rest of us, this material will definitely be useful to you! We have collected luxurious gift sets that you can give to your mother, beloved man, father, girlfriend and more. Take note, ask the price and raid the shops on the last weekend of the outgoing 2021!

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Face care set Skincare Bestsellers, Evolve Organic Beauty — 4500 rubles

Facial care set Skincare Bestsellers, Evolve Organic Beauty

This set includes everything you need for daily facial care — the Radiant Glow Mask with cocoa and coconut, the super-hydrating Hyaluronic Serum 200 face serum and the Daily Renewal Cream softening day face cream. All products are vegan, by the way.

Makeup kit Holiday Kit Primer Trio, Smashbox – 2200 rubles

Holiday Kit Primer Trio, Smashbox

A trio of bestsellers for the perfect tone is right there! The classic Photofinish plus option for the eye area and eye shadow. Everything you need so that makeup does not fail even in an extreme situation.

Facial care set Cera Repair Set Holiday, Biotherm — 3700 rubles

Cera Repair Set Holiday

In winter, the skin more than ever needs to restore its natural hydrolipidic and protective barrier, which means that products with ceramides must be introduced into care. The Cera Repair Set Holiday includes a cleansing gel, serum, face cream and eye care. And all this “wealth” is packed in a beautiful and convenient gift cosmetic bag.

Set Fetes en Hermes 2021, Hermes — from 6700 rubles

Set Fetes en Hermes 2021, Hermes

Terre d’Hermès, Twilly d’Hermès, Eau des Merveilles, H24, Un Jardin sur le Nil or Eau d’orange verte? It’s up to you to choose: we recommend focusing on the perfume preferences of the addressee. The set includes body milk, a travel version of the fragrance and a full-size bottle.

Travel set Perfection, L. Raphael — price to be specified

Travel set Perfection, L. Raphael

Do you remember that travel kits are a great opportunity to try new products in miniature, so that later you can decide on a full-size product? At Perfection by L. Raphael, you’ll find the brand’s best-sellers for restoring and protecting your skin from external aggressors. It also prevents dehydration.

Men’s collection System Professional — price to be specified

System Professional men’s collection

Hair strengthening tonic, anti-dandruff shampoo, thick shampoo and aftershave balm — yes, the products from the new System Professional range, designed specifically for men, are sold separately, but this is for the best: this way you can put together what he needs (you obviously know better?). It remains only to put the selected bottles in a gift box or a beautiful package.

A set of tonic care products for men, Clarins — 5470 rubles

Men’s Tonic Care Set, Clarins

This blue cosmetic bag contains a real boost of energy for men’s skin. There is nothing superfluous in the kit (we know that most men will not devote time to multi-step care): a cleanser, a face gel and a skin around the eyes. Everything is aimed at eliminating traces of fatigue and stress.

Body care set, Fruit Lovers, Pupa — 1300 rubles

Body care set, Fruit Lovers, Pupa

Fabric cosmetic bag and body product — ideal for a friend, sister or colleague. Avocado, bergamot, pomegranate, papaya — any of the aromas of shower gel or cream instantly cheers you up. A bright makeup bag is good on its own!

Facial care set, Artistry Skin Nutrition, Artistry — from 8660 rubles

Facial care set, Artistry Skin Nutrition, Artistry

It is best to renew and restore the skin at night, because at this time these processes are activated. And the Artistry cleanser, toner and cream do a great job of removing dryness, uneven tone and texture, and loss of firmness. The main thing is to use the complex regularly.

Daily hair care and protection, Olaplex — 9600 rubles

Daily hair care and protection, Olaplex

Olaplex’s best-selling daily curl care set is a godsend for hair fans. Soft cleansing, shine and elasticity — what else to dream of?

Legendary dry sprays, Oribe — 6840 rubles

Oribe Legendary Dry Sprays

Dry shampoo (one volume option) and dry texturizing spray (two options) will help you always be on top. You can fix your styling with them anywhere and anytime!

Gift set Hero, Burberry — 6250 rubles

Gift set Hero, Burberry

A spicy citrus-woody fragrance created for today’s superheroes. Delight your lover, brother or father with a set of eau de parfum and shower gel with this trendy scent.

Set Hair & Body Beauty Box, La-Oil — 3890 rubles

Hair & Body Beauty Box, La-Oil

Natural argan oil, nourishing body cream and body scrub with melon and guava oils and ground nuts — we think this is a cool composition for a gift box. Nothing super original — this is true, but it is universal and useful. And this, you know, is more important!

Set L.12.12 Blanc, Lacoste — 4855 rubles

Set L.12.12 Blanc, Lacoste

And again for men! This time — citruses and needles in the form of toilet water and deodorant. The perfect duet!

Comprehensive care for normal and dry skin, Mixit — 2170 rubles

Comprehensive care for normal and dry skin, Mixit

Give it to someone who truly loves to take care of their skin and treats it carefully and reverently! The set consists of four basic products: cleansing foam, toner, moisturizer and delicate polish. In combination, all these products will emphasize the contours of the face, smooth out wrinkles and ideally prepare the skin for further makeup application!

Vitamino Color set, L’Oreal Professionnel Paris — from 1686 rubles

Vitamino Color Set, L’Oreal Professionnel Paris

With the Vitamino Color set you will delight lovers and lovers of bright creative coloring. Shampoo and balm to preserve rich, pulsating color — feel free to put such a duet under the Christmas tree.

Set for blondes Blond Absolu Discovery, Kerastase — 2300 rubles

Set for blondes Blond Absolu Discovery, Kerastase

In a beautiful gift box — bath shampoo, milk and oil for intensive care. A paradise for those who are used to lightening up, because maintaining light shades is still a hassle.

Set Ace Your Face Look In A Box Neutral Hypnotizing Holiday, MAC — 6700 rubles

Set Ace Your Face Look In A Box Neutral Hypnotizing Holiday, MAC

Glitter, shadows, eyeliner, mascara! Update your makeup bag for yourself or your best friend. The most trendy products from MAC Cosmetics in one box with a hypnotic pattern.

Set Redken Brews, Redken — 1800 rubles

Set Redken Brews, Redken

This set for men includes 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and shower gel (yes, it’s one bottle) and Extra Clean Shampoo for deep cleansing. Pay attention: the bottles look like beer bottles — men will surely appreciate the original design!

Set Deadsea Water, Ahava — from 780 rubles

Deadsea Water Set Ahava

The power of Dead Sea minerals in three small bottles! Shower gel and two creams — for hands and body. All products, of course, are based on sea salt, which means they perfectly moisturize and strengthen the skin.

Set Vinergetic-C +, Caudalie — 4600 rubles

Vinergetic-C+ set, Caudalie

Washing mousse, face serum and eye cream — everything for a radiant and healthy complexion. In winter, such a shake-up is simply necessary for the skin!

Set Si, Giorgio Armani — about 6700 rubles

Set Si, Giorgio Armani

A magnetic fragrance and a perfumed shower gel with the same scent is seductive, isn’t it? Present to your mother, grandmother or aunt — we guarantee that they will appreciate it!

Gift set Genifique, Lancome — 9292 rubles

Gift set Genifique, Lancome

This limited set has everything to preserve and prolong youth. Serum and a trio of creams — for eyelids, night and day for the face. Any woman will definitely appreciate such a gift — choose which of your loved ones will receive it!

Gift set Angels’ Share Icon Set, Kilian Paris — 24,000 rubles

Gift set Angels’ Share Icon Set, Kilian Paris

A full-size bottle and a travel version of Angels’ Share will appeal to all connoisseurs of both perfumes and, to be honest, alcohol. Warm and warm composition sounds great in the cold.

Advent calendar 12 Christmas gifts, Sensai — 20,000 rubles

Advent calendar 12 Christmas gifts, Sensai

All Sensai bestsellers in one box — try it and fall in love. And share with whoever you want (however, this is completely optional!).

Set Homme Intense, Kenzo — 6880 rubles

Set Homme Intense, Kenzo

Freshness, freshness, even more freshness! In this gift set, in addition to the fragrance itself, there are two shower gels of a convenient size, which are so convenient to take with you, for example, to the gym.

A set of lipsticks Full Edit Cult Satin Lipsticks, Zara — 4999 rubles

Full Edit Cult Satin Lipsticks, Zara

Eight shades of lipsticks, two cases — adult girls have their own designers. The palette pleases, and the moisturizing formula allows you to use lipsticks without a hygienic backing.

Gift set Nina, Nina Ricci — 3500 rubles

Gift set Nina, Nina Ricci

Eau de toilette and scented lotion so you can enjoy the scent for as long as possible. Sweet fruits are cute and seductive at the same time.

Set Ice Touch Man, Mexx — 1200 rubles

Ice Touch Man Set, Mexx

Grapefruit, pine needles and sandalwood. Ice and fire. Feelings and emotions. The multifaceted fragrance plays on the skin, showing its entire pyramid. And the shower gel is a nice bonus.

Gift set Sauvage, Dior — 10,200 rubles

Gift set Sauvage, Dior

Treat your loved one with luxury: in addition to the eponymous eau de parfum in a full-size bottle, the Sauvage set also includes an aftershave balm and a fragrance miniature.

Gift set Chanel No. 5 L’Eau, Chanel — 7700 rubles

Gift set Chanel №5 L’Eau

Chanel No. 5 L’Eau are eternal values ​​in modern processing. The gift anniversary version of the set includes a large bottle and a travel miniature.

Set Chloe Eau de parfum, Chloe — 7000 rubles

Set Chloe Eau de parfum, Chloe

Eau de parfum and lotion, all packaged in a branded box with a silhouette of a golden Christmas tree. What smells? Fresh sensual rose.

Set Givenchy L’Intemporel Set, Givenchy — 9670 rubles

Givenchy L’Intemporel Set

Slow down time, turn it back! With Givenchy’s L’Intemporel Set, it’s real. First, we apply a preparatory lotion, and then — a cream and eye care.

Set Light Blue Pour Homme Set, Dolce & Gabbana Beauty — 6130 rubles

Light Blue Pour Homme Set, Dolce & Gabbana Beauty

For many years, the joyful and cheerful composition Light Blue has not lost ground. And this applies to both the female version and the male version. Take a set, and not just a bottle — there is an elegant box here, and there is an aftershave balm.

Perfume set «Elegant», L’Occitane –
10 100 rubles

Perfume set «Elegant», L’Occitane

Eau de toilette, shower gel and aftershave balm, and even with a classic stylish masculine fragrance. We are sure that anyone will be delighted with this!


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