Wedding dresses for pregnant women: a large overview of existing models


Marriage is one of the most significant events in the life of every woman, so most girls are anxious about choosing an outfit for their wedding day. And if the bride is in position, then you need to choose a dress even more carefully. Fortunately, today, in almost any salon, newlyweds will be offered wedding dresses for pregnant women of various styles and colors. And if you can’t pick up a finished model, then the outfit can be sewn in the atelier. Photos of beautiful wedding dresses for expectant mothers will help you choose the most successful style.

Helpful Hints

Naturally, every bride wants to look beautiful on her wedding day. Therefore, it is very important to choose an outfit that can emphasize the dignity of the figure, and hide the flaws. Even at a decent pregnancy, you can look charming if the dress is chosen taking into account the characteristics of the physique.

The range of wedding dresses for pregnant brides is wide enough to be able to choose a model for any girl. But when buying, you need to take into account a few rules:

  • Purchase time. Most brides prefer to purchase a dress at least a few months before the wedding, so that later they can choose accessories without haste. But if the bride is in position, the purchase of the outfit will have to be postponed until the last week before the celebration. The figure of a woman at this time is changing rapidly, so if you buy a dress a month before the celebration, then on the wedding day the dress may be too tight. You can choose a wedding dress for a pregnant woman in advance, but you need to buy just before the holiday. In no case, do not buy a dress «for growth»! Body shape changes during pregnancy are individual. It happens that one woman has a larger belly for a period of 6 months than another for a period of 8 months. So it’s impossible to guess.
  • Comfort. It is very important that the expectant mother in the chosen outfit does not experience discomfort. It is necessary to categorically refuse corsets with lacing and other details that squeeze any part of the body. Even if the gestation period is only 3-4 months, and the stomach is still completely flat, it is better to purchase a dress of a free silhouette or made of elastic materials. It is advisable to choose clothes from fabrics that are well breathable.

  • Quality. High-quality tailoring is one of the determining selection criteria. There should be no seams rubbing the skin and other unpleasant moments in the dress.

Which model to choose?

Fashionable styles of wedding dresses for pregnant women practically do not differ from those models that designers offer to non-pregnant brides. The only exception is corset and mermaid dresses, which are not recommended for mothers-to-be. All other cut options can be considered as possible options.

puffy dresses

In the early stages, you can wear puffy wedding dresses with a fitted bodice, but without a corset. Fluffy skirts will divert attention from the figure that has begun to round. It is advisable to avoid models with decor in the waist area, but the neckline, on the contrary, should be emphasized.

If the wedding will take place in the cold season, then you can sew a dress with sleeves. But here it is important to strike a balance: if the skirts are puffy, then it is better to make the sleeves tight-fitting.

High waist

Dresses with a high waistline and a flying skirt are a great choice for a pregnant bride. These are the most popular wedding dresses that hide the belly, so brides with a gestational age of 7 months are often chosen from them.

The emphasis in the outfit, sewn in the Greek style, is on the chest. For this, the edging and decoration of the neckline and the cut line, located immediately under the breast, are used.

In an outfit of this style, the bride will be very comfortable, even if the changes in the figure are already significant. And if the period does not exceed 5 months, then the guests may not guess about the situation of the bride. For some girls, this moment is very important, because during pregnancy, many become superstitious and do not want to advertise their upcoming motherhood too much.

Light summer wedding dresses with a high waist can have a bodice with straps. The straps of such a dress are often decorated with rhinestones, beads, small artificial flowers. Light open dresses are sewn from chiffon, veil, silk, guipure. These fabrics drape well, so the skirt falls in beautiful folds, hiding a plump waist.


Fashionable dresses in the shape of a trapezoid are perfect for expectant mothers. Such models of wedding dresses for pregnant women look good on any girl. A feature of the cut is the lack of emphasis on the waist.

The outfit can be as simple as possible, similar to the ancient Greek tunic. In this case, the bride is advised to make a complex hairstyle and use eye-catching accessories.

The second version of the dress in the form of a trapezoid is distinguished by rich decor. It can be embroidery, rhinestones, ruffles, bows. This outfit, on the contrary, “requires” laconic accessories and simple smooth styling.

Short dresses

It is not necessary to sew a long dress to the floor. A pregnant bride may prefer a short dress. Of course, we are not talking about a mini, but a knee-length or mid-calf model. Short models are especially recommended for girls with beautiful legs.

A short dress can be in the shape of a trapeze or a high waist and a fluffy skirt.


An interesting and rational solution would be a dress with a train. This may be a model with an asymmetrical skirt, which is shorter in front than in the back. Or an option with a removable train. It can be put on for the solemn part of the ceremony, and then removed to feel more free and comfortable.

The choice of dress depending on the period

Couples have different circumstances. It happens that for some reason, marriage registration is postponed until late in pregnancy. In principle, it doesn’t matter how long the wedding is, the main thing is that the expectant mother feels good, and the holiday is a joy for her, and not a heavy duty.

First trimester

At the beginning of pregnancy, the figure of a woman practically does not change, except that her breasts become a little more magnificent. However, even in the very early stages, it is worth avoiding outfits that squeeze the body. Therefore, corsets with lacing and tight elastic bands should be decisively abandoned.

The bride can choose a fitted dress or a laconic dress with a straight silhouette. Stylists recommend that brides try on models with a low waistline and a sun-cut skirt. Such a dress “stretches” the silhouette, and the bride looks more slender.

Brave girls can opt for open-backed robes, which will create an original and sexy look. In summer, a simple linen-style silk dress with thin spaghetti straps may be preferred.

Second trimester

At this time, the tummy is already clearly visible. But on the other hand, the troubles of the first trimester were left behind — nausea, constant drowsiness and other «charms» of toxicosis. During this period, most pregnant women not only feel good, but also look great, so this is the right time for a wedding.

When choosing a dress, you need to decide what the bride wants: to emphasize her position or hide it? Most girls are proud of their future motherhood, so they want to emphasize it in every possible way. They should choose a simple closed dress with a straight silhouette, which does not hide, but does not fit the stomach. The simple cut of the dress can be offset by the choice of fabric. The ideal option is lace or jacquard. These fabrics have an interesting texture, and look great in dresses of laconic styles.

If the bride wants to hide the changes in her figure, then she should wear a dress in the Greek or Empire style. To divert attention from the waist, you need to decorate the neckline. Perfect for pregnant brides and A-line dresses with a deep V-neck.

third trimester

If the wedding falls on the last months of pregnancy, then you need to make sure that the dress for the bride is as comfortable as possible. It should have a free silhouette and be made from natural, breathable fabrics.

For a long time, it is recommended to avoid too puffy skirts, as well as flounces and ruffles, otherwise the figure will look too heavy. If the belly is large, then it is better to opt for a knee-length dress or a little lower. In a dress with a floor-length skirt, a woman will look like a mop.

Fabrics and colors

Fabrics for sewing wedding dresses for pregnant brides should be natural and light. Dresses made of heavy brocade or velvet should be avoided, the weight of the dress should not exceed two kilograms, otherwise it will be difficult for a pregnant bride to spend the whole day in it, and the expectant mother should not get tired. The best fabric options are satin, chiffon, silk, lace.

The color of the dress can be chosen at your discretion. There are no strict rules in this regard. Most wedding dresses are white, but lately many brides are choosing dresses in pastel colors — cream, sand-gold, blue, lilac, turquoise, etc. Snow-white dresses with bright trim look very beautiful. Such a bright accent can be a belt with a bow or embroidery on the bodice.

If desired, the bride can wear a dress of bright colors — scarlet, blue, emerald, purple. But outfits in bright colors will look better if the gestation period is short. In the last trimester, it is better to give preference to matte fabrics in pastel colors.


To look stylish, you need not only to choose the right dress, but also to choose the right accessories for it.


Traditional wedding shoes are high-heeled shoes or sandals. However, if the bride is in a position from tradition, she will have to retreat. Doctors do not recommend wearing high-heeled shoes for pregnant women, as such shoes adversely affect blood circulation and the condition of the spine.

If the bride cannot imagine her wedding look without heels, then it is better to choose wedge shoes, and not stilettos. And be sure to take a spare pair of comfortable shoes with you so that you can change your shoes if your feet get tired. After all, a wedding is an event that takes almost the whole day.

If the pregnancy has «passed» for 6 months, then the idea of ​​\u200b\u200bputting on high-heeled shoes will have to be abandoned. It is not worth risking your health and the health of the unborn baby for the sake of beauty.

It is advisable to choose shoes of the same shade as the dress. In addition, you need to follow the rule: the more decor on the dress, the more concise the design of the shoes should be.

It is best to choose flesh-colored tights, they will suit a dress of any color. Get a special model with an elastic insert on the stomach, such tights will not cause discomfort.


This accessory has long ceased to be mandatory for a wedding look. However, many girls still want to wear a veil on their wedding day. The main requirement when choosing a veil for a pregnant bride is that the accessory should not be too heavy. It is better to do without a multi-tiered veil to the floor, leaving your choice on light models.

Instead of a veil, you can wear a cute hat or choose beautiful hair accessories, such as a tiara or diadem.


Jewelry for the wedding image is recommended to choose elegant and light. Pregnant brides should pay special attention to the choice of bracelets and rings. Expectant mothers often have swollen arms and legs in the evening, so jewelry can cause discomfort.

Other accessories

Doctors categorically do not recommend expectant mothers to wear such a traditional wedding accessory as stocking garters, as they squeeze the legs, impairing blood circulation.

But such an original addition to the wedding look, like a fan, can serve a pregnant bride in good stead, especially if the wedding takes place in the hot season.

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