Why do proctologists prescribe Botox to their patients — did you know?

Office work, unhealthy diet, sedentary lifestyle… and even having children! There are a lot of reasons for the appearance of proctological diseases, but, unfortunately, most of us are simply afraid to go to doctors of a narrow specialization and find out if everything is in order. Many cannot be dragged to the therapist until it becomes very difficult, but here we are talking about an intimate examination and other things that, by definition, cannot but excite!

Let’s try to stay positive though. Did you know that some methods of treating proctological diseases are similar to beauty procedures? For example, specialists in diseases of the anus have long and extremely successfully used Botox injections in their work!

According to experts, Botox helps to cope with such a problem as the appearance of anal fissures. This diagnosis is especially common in young mothers. And in general, pregnancy and childbirth hit hard on this system of the body!

In short, the introduction of Botox helps to relieve neuromuscular spasms in the area where the crack appears. As a result, the injuries heal faster, and the situation does not require surgical intervention.

Of course, Botox injections do not help in every case of crack treatment and last only a few months. But this is a fairly popular method of exposure, and Botox is used in proctology almost as actively as in the beauty industry!

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