6 original ideas for manicure with black polish


A manicure with bright red or calm beige varnishes already seems “boring”? Feel free to choose black. A dark coating on the nails, if it is interesting to beat it, will not look gloomy. And black polish will be extremely useful for those who do not wear a long manicure — it visually lengthens the nails. What black nail art ideas to take note of?

Make an original french

French manicure is a timeless classic. It is elegant and feminine. And even if you take black varnish, the jacket will still organically complement your image. This is just the case when dark nail art is appropriate even with a strict dress code at work.

French technology remains the same. Cover the base of the nails with clear varnish, and their tips with black. You can use glossy or matte varnish. If you want to brighten up the design, choose a polish with a fine shimmer that will shimmer beautifully in the light.

French in dark color can be additionally decorated with small rhinestones. Glue them in an even row along the “smile line”.

Wear a stylish matte manicure in a dark color.

Wear a stylish matte manicure in a dark color.

To create a black matte manicure, you only need one varnish. But the result will certainly surprise you. A dark shade in a satin texture looks more muted than if you did a glossy finish. This is a great option for those who do not yet dare to wear bright black on their nails.

Matte finish can be decorated in any way — make artistic nail art, use stickers and rhinestones.

It is not necessary to look for a «real» black matte varnish. It is more convenient to use a special top-fixer, which, when applied to a glossy finish, makes it satin. It will definitely not lie in your cosmetic bag idle.

Combine black with gold in a manicure

Black and gold is a classic combination of colors in nail design. Using a minimum of materials and time, you will create a “smart” manicure for an evening dress. These shades complement each other perfectly.

Gold in nail art is appropriate in any form. It can be a varnish of a suitable shade, loose shimmer and larger glitter, colored rhinestones and beads, manicure stickers and foil. Also experiment with the black finish itself — the base can be glossy or matte.

What ideas of black and gold nail art to pay attention to? A golden stretch on a dark base looks very original and elegant from the tip of the nail to its base. Decorate all fingers in this way or just one on each hand. Any artistic nail art made with gold polish on a black base will look bright. These are animal prints, and flowers, and lace.

So that a manicure in black and gold does not seem too “overloaded”, decorate only one nail on your hand with intricate nail art, rhinestones and shimmer. And at the same time cover the rest with plain black.

Combine black and white in nail design

Combine black and white in nail design

Black and white nail designs are another classic option for a stylish manicure. This is one of the best techniques for creating a strict office manicure. And decorating it in one way or another, you will get a brighter design.

White color will be the very accent that will make the dark base not so “gothic”. Cover your nails with black polish. And then everything is limited only by your imagination! Draw white strict lines or intricate flowers, small polka dots. Festive «motifs» will also be appropriate — for example, miniature snowflakes on nail plates when creating an image for a New Year’s party. If you prefer a more delicate nail art, draw white lace on a black base. Such a clear black and white pattern will be noticeable from afar.

The design will turn out to be more concise if you decorate only 1-2 nails on each hand with white.

Experiment with the negative space technique

Monochromatic black coating on the nails seems too daring and extravagant? Experiment with the negative space technique in a dark shade. This is an incomplete coating of the nail plates with varnish so that some part of them remains “bare”. Manicure, despite all its simplicity and conciseness, looks solid and complete. Negative spac is often decorated with rhinestones or shimmer.

Using the negative space technique, a moon manicure is often done. On the nails, make a black background, without covering the semicircular or triangular holes at their base with color. This design is very easy to create using adhesive stencils. You can use glossy or matte varnish. For a more vibrant design, mark a thin line with glitter varnish along the color transition line.

There are other black design ideas using the negative space technique. Various geometric shapes in the center of the nails — circles, squares, triangles, hearts — can remain unpainted with color. Experiment with wide horizontal and vertical stripes, through which the «bare» nail plates will be visible.

Create minimalist geometry on your nails

Geometric nail design, even in black, will not look pretentious. Experiment with nail art by creating minimalist geometry on your nails — thin and wide lines, shapes with sharp edges.

It is good that black color in manicure is combined with all shades. And there is a lot of room for the realization of your ideas. Make the base dark by drawing horizontal and vertical stripes on it — gold, red, hot pink, orange, yellow, emerald. Also, black can be used to draw geometry on any colored background. It can be a calm beige or a rich red shade. The dark print will be noticeable from afar.

To create geometry on the nails, masters use thin brushes. If you don’t know how to work with them yet, use manicure tapes. They are glued to a well-dried base and fixed with a transparent top. With nail tape, you can create both the simplest geometric nail art and more complex abstraction.

Geometric manicure, if appropriate, decorate with rhinestones or loose shimmer.


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