Blue maxi skirt — a thousand fashion combinations


Every woman dreams of being charming, attractive with beauty, grace and sexuality. How to choose the right outfit to emphasize the best sides of your figure and add charm to your look? It is enough to dream up, experimenting with different clothes and accessories to create a modern and trendy look. One of the successful elements of a women’s wardrobe is a blue maxi skirt.and. First of all, it is a very comfortable thing, suitable for everyday wear, work, walks and friendly parties. When compiling an ensemble, it is important to take into account the purpose of all elements of the women’s wardrobe, the conformity of their styles and shapes.

It is important to choose your own style, which will help to emphasize the merits of the figure and emphasize the color of the hair and eyes. Every year, famous couturiers present new collections of things to the public, including chic blue skirts. These are cute tutus, playful «sun» styles, puffy «American», elegant elongated «pencils», light items made of thin fabrics and sexy tight-fitting models.

The long skirt is practical and versatile. A variety of color palettes allows you to choose the perfect option that accentuates external advantages and adds brightness to the female look.

Who is the blue maxi skirt for?

The blue color gives a special charm and charm, visually slims and adds height to the figure. This color has many shades — light, dark, almost black, cornflower blue, electric, muted or very bright tone.

Every woman will be adorned with blue clothes, regardless of the color of her hair and skin. Dark blue suits brunettes, blondes prefer light, almost blue shades, and brown-haired women can use any color, the main thing is to choose a top with reddish notes.

An elegant blue maxi skirt can work wonders. The pencil model emphasizes the seductive curves of the hips and adds a feminine silhouette. A-line skirt will suit absolutely all women, effectively demonstrating the best sides of the figure. The pleated model will hide excess fullness and add volume to thin girls.

The Tatyanka skirt will adorn slender girls, and the straight, narrowed model is ideal for curvy ladies and will create an elegant silhouette. The blue color visually slims, and thanks to the combination of color and length, it is possible to create the perfect silhouette.

As for the style, the maxi length is suitable for almost all women. Slender girls will be able to smooth out the forms, and for full ladies — this is simply an indispensable thing! Maxi length will hide the fullness of the hips and legs, emphasize a thin waist. If you use products with a high waist, then this will create an elegant silhouette and mask the protruding tummy. For slender girls, the best model is with a low waist, which allows you to focus on a beautiful figure. The maxi length visually corrects the silhouette, creating graceful and graceful looks.

The important thing is that the length of the maxi suits different types of figures. The pear silhouette will look amazing in a long skirt, as thin legs and a big belly will be hidden. Women with an inverted triangle shape will balance wide shoulders with a voluminous long skirt.

With a skillful combination of elements of the wardrobe, the girls «apple» will also be able to emphasize the dignity of the figure, without flaunting their magnificent legs and hips. The long model looks perfect on the owners of the hourglass figure, as it allows you to demonstrate beautiful graceful forms. Any girl will be able to choose the best model for herself, which will decorate, add charm and charm to the female image.

Sewing materials

Blue skirts are sewn from a variety of fabrics — dense, light, natural and synthetic. An elegant skirt made of denim, wool, knitted fabric is suitable for a winter ensemble. Chiffon, linen, satin, silk are the best summer materials for sewing light and airy products.

A combination of materials is often used: satin — leather, linen — lace, wool — knitwear. Cotton and satin, denim and knitwear, chiffon and organza are stylishly combined. Each model is inimitable and unique, it brings a special touch of charm, charm and allows you to create original bows.

What to wear?

When choosing clothes, you should remember about the style combination of things and the correspondence of textures and colors of fabrics. An elegant blue skirt adds romance, femininity and goes well with various elements of a woman’s wardrobe. It can be blouses, cropped jackets or elongated jackets.

Tops, t-shirts, t-shirts, bodysuits are suitable for summer. For example, a modern bow for active girls is a skirt, a white top and a cropped denim jacket. For everyday wear, an outfit is useful — a skirt, black golf + leather jacket.

If you’re tired of black but have to stick to the dress code, wear a blue pencil skirt with a white blouse tucked in. It will look classy and formal. The walking version of the ensemble is a skirt and a shirt or sweatshirt.

Stylists warn against the use of long cardigans, raincoats, short coats, jackets. The main thing is to observe the golden mean in order to create a harmonious image.

With what to wear blue skirts, it’s up to you, because it all depends on the chosen style, taste claims. As for color schemes, here you can fantasize, creating stunning outfits.

What colors go with blue?

  • Beige.
  • White.
  • Black.
  • Brown.
  • Violet.
  • Crimson.
  • Green.
  • The color of coffee with milk.
  • Pale lilac.

Each style combination has the right to exist. Any trifle and insignificant detail can change the image, add zest and originality to the style. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment, choose elements of similar or contrasting colors, bright accessories and extravagant shoes.

Shoes and accessories

If you are tall, then the maxi skirt can be combined with ballet flats, sandals, flat shoes. It can be products made of genuine leather in beige, black, white, blue. For girls who want to add height to their figure, it is better to use high-heeled shoes. Summer samples are slip-ons, moccasins are suitable for a sporty style, and high boots or boots with stable heels are a winter version of shoes.

For a disco or a party, you can wear ankle boots, stiletto sandals or shoes with pointed heels. If you are going to a celebration, it is better to use a fluffy skirt, an elegant bright blouse and ankle boots or stylish stilettos.

As for accessories, here you can fantasize and use a variety of elements: beads, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, glasses. Jewelry is chosen depending on the chosen style. It can be massive jewelry or fine jewelry.

A silk scarf, a chiffon scarf, a fashionable hat or stylish glasses will help to complement the image. Clutch bags, briefcase, hobo, baguette, messenger will bring a special zest to the image, they can be of any color — blue, red, beige, white or black. Whatever style you choose, the main thing is to feel confident and give smiles to others!

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