Features of winter care for the skin of hands and cuticles


With the advent of winter, the skin of the hands suffers from icy wind, frosty air and constant temperature changes. All these factors make her dry, sensitive and easily vulnerable. Sometimes even a short time spent on the street without gloves causes painful wounds. The periungual ridges become especially vulnerable during this period. From wind and frost, the cuticle can crack, bleed and, if not properly cared for, even become inflamed, calling for the development of panaritium. The situation can be aggravated by improper skin and cuticle care, excessive and frequent cutting of the skin, the use of aggressive household chemicals without gloves. What should be the correct care for the cuticles and hands in winter?

Dry and inflamed cuticles: unedged manicure will save

Dry and inflamed cuticles: unedged manicure will save

Many modern women who have gone for a trim manicure for years do not believe that by refusing to process the cuticle with scissors, i.e. from cutting it, and giving preference to the use of emollients for the cuticle, after some time it is possible to achieve its noticeable thinning. In fact, this is true, all you need to do for this is to provide regular skin care.

Why is it recommended to give preference to unedged manicure in winter? The thing is that if in winter it is very intensive to fight the cuticle and mercilessly remove it, then the body will turn on the “protection mode” and “force” it to grow even more actively, at a faster speed. The same happens with the abuse of pedicure razors — the more actively you cut off the rough skin on the heels, the more actively it grows again.

The most important thing to take the first decisive step is to refuse to cut the cuticle. To begin with, you just need to decide on the first procedure of an unedged European manicure, and after it, take care of the skin of your hands and cuticles daily. Of course, you don’t have to wait for a quick effect like with a trimmed manicure, but with regular care for the cuticle, in a month it will not grow so intensively, and in another month you can forget that once upon a time you had to cut it.

Hand care: taking baths

There are many procedures that help preserve the beauty of the skin and increase the period between visits to the manicurist. One of the main procedures that is necessary to maintain the health of the skin of the hands is warm baths. An excellent softening effect is given by daily ten-minute warm baths with the addition of 5-7 drops of olive oil. The temperature of the solution should be 37-38 degrees, no more, to prevent excessive overheating of nails and skin. During the procedure, the surface of the skin and nails will absorb the beneficial substances that are part of the oil, being saturated with vitamins and becoming softer.

What if for some reason it is not possible to take hand baths daily? Replace the era simply by rubbing an oily solution of vitamin E into the skin of the periungual ridges and cuticles. You can buy such a remedy at any pharmacy. It is called tocopherol acetate (vitamin E). The tool is practically odorless, so if you like to lubricate the handles with something odorous, you can add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to it. This oil can be used instead of hand cream or in parallel with it.

Use remover and cuticle oil

Use remover and cuticle oil

If at one moment you can’t forget about a cut manicure or the cuticle grows very well and this makes your hands untidy, you can start by using a remover. This tool is used in the course of manicure by many masters. The composition of the removers includes acid, due to which the softening of the cuticle occurs in just a few seconds. Soft and pliable cuticle skin is easy to push with a special wooden stick. After finishing the manicure, you need to apply cuticle oil, which has an antiseptic effect, such as tea tree oil, to the skin around the nail.

In addition, olive oil helps to cope with dry skin. Twice a week, you can use almond and coconut oil for cuticles. Combined cuticle oil is the product that should be in every woman’s cosmetic bag. It’s a real winter must-have that hydrates and nourishes cuticles to help keep them healthy. You can prepare it yourself by purchasing all the necessary components at the pharmacy. You can take olive oil as a basis, and as «useful additions» — almond and tea tree oil, vitamins A, B and E in ampoules. To give the product a pleasant aroma, you can use the essential oil of orange or lemon.

In order not to harm your cuticle, especially when using removers on your own, it is recommended to choose products based on fruit acids. Most often they are in the form of a cream, which makes skin care around the nail simple and convenient. It will take a little longer to wait for the cuticle to soften, but the risk of damaging delicate skin with such a composition is much lower. The use of the remover should be supplemented with caring procedures for the skin of the hands and cuticles, namely the regular use of softening and nourishing creams.

However, in addition to the correct manicure and regular moisturizing of the skin with cream and cuticle oil, one should not forget about the elementary safety rules when using various detergents and cleaning products, washing powders and other household chemicals in everyday life. All manipulations involving «chemistry» are recommended to be performed with protective rubber gloves.

We organize proper care for the skin of the hands and cuticles

So that the leathery roller that protects the nail bed does not become rough, inflamed, a hotbed of burrs in the cold season, you need to organize proper skin care. After washing your hands and any contact with water, you should, if possible, lubricate them with a light moisturizer or vitamin E oil solution. This will help prevent dry skin and flaking, and your cuticles will always be beautiful and well-groomed.

When entering the street, be sure to take gloves with you so that the cold air does not dry out delicate skin. Half an hour before going out into the cold, it will not be superfluous to apply a protective cream on the skin of the hands. Protective hand cream with D-panthenol brand «Chistaya Liniya», designed for skin care, which is particularly sensitive, has proven itself well. If, nevertheless, weathering of the skin has occurred, then the pharmaceutical preparation Dermasan, which includes glycerin and ammonia, will help save it. It can be used both for applications and for simple application to the skin with light driving movements. Before going to bed, a nourishing cream should be applied to the skin of the hand and cuticle.


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