The most fashionable square of 2022


Spring is always a time of change. It is during this period that we are inspired by the sun and finally get out of our “woolen cocoon”, in which the cold winter months wrapped ourselves. With the advent of warm weather, we are in desperate need of bright colors and that is why we are looking at trendy trends in makeup and manicure and dream of changing our image.

If you are just looking for options for a new haircut that you can finally not hide under a hat or scarf, take a closer look at the new hair trend — a hairstyle with a tasty name puff bob! It is this option that Lucy Hale and many other stars now prefer.

Selena Gomez and other stars who have changed after the divorce

In Selena’s personal life, not everything is so smooth … After another breakup with Justin Bieber, she decided to change (at least outwardly) — at first the singer became a couple of tones lighter, then she cut her hair (she began to walk with a bob), and then she completely became an ash blonde with dark roots. But now Gomez has turned to the dark side again, becoming a brunette.

Ivan Ivanov

creative partner of L’Oréal Professionnel Paris

Billie Eilish

Wolf cut is a very trendy haircut this season, which is reminiscent of the rocker mullet from the 80s, but with a modern twist. An elongated nape, natural volume and deliberately casual texture add a rebellious touch, but it-girls combine this hairstyle with feminine dresses. Wolf cut is suitable for everyone, except for owners of thin and not very thick hair, in which case it will not be possible to create the desired texture.

Taylor Hill

The series «Emily in Paris» made us yearn for the city of love and add French chic to the image. An edgy option for short hair — repeat Taylor Hill! The upper part of the hair is cut shorter than the entire length. Such a textured caret looks voluminous and does not require complex styling.

Hunter Schafer

After the first season of Euphoria, everyone copied the make-up of the heroine Hunter Schafer, and in the second, her heroine Jules impressed everyone with a spectacular bob, various styling and slightly gloomy black strands. The main secret of this image is layers and texture. An excellent haircut for those who are tired of the monotonous even cut and want freedom!

Selena Gomez

Such a square, like Selena’s, is cut according to the classical technique: each layer is longer than the other, due to which the hair itself begins to twist towards the face. Selena’s hair is porous and slightly frizzy — if you have the same texture, use anti-frizz products to keep your styling smooth.

Bella Hadid

Most likely, Bella is wearing a wig, but why not be inspired by the shape and unusual coloring that blew up Instagram (The social network is recognized as extremist and banned in the Russian Federation)? Short ragged bangs suit girls with a high forehead and a symmetrical oval face — and Bella is one of those. If you want to take a risk, take an example from the model.


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