How to choose the right curlers and curl your hair beautifully?


If you don’t want to spend time every morning creating styling, give up the hair dryer, iron and curling iron! Moreover, the health of the hair will only benefit from this. Beautiful curls can be obtained with the help of other accessories. MedAboutMe tells you how to choose the right curlers and curl your hair on them.

How to choose the right curlers?

How to choose the right curlers?

Today, the beauty industry offers a huge selection of various curlers. There are options designed for quick styling — thermal curlers. They can be heated in a bowl of water or in a special device powered by the mains. But for hair, night devices are preferable. When used correctly, they are gentle on the strands, do not tangle or damage them.

If you want big Hollywood wave style curls, buy large diameter curlers, and soft bouncy curls will create accessories with a small diameter. Many of the fair sex, when creating hairstyles, use devices of different diameters, so the styling is more interesting.

To make it more comfortable to sleep in curlers, decide on their shape. These can be thin foam sticks with bending wire, hairpins, rubber accessories with a latch, Velcro curlers, rubber washers resembling a spool of thread, and many other options.

How to wind your hair in curlers

How to wind your hair on curlers depends on their shape. But still there are nuances that are common to all styling accessories.

Before you start creating hairstyles, prepare your hair! To do this, wash your hair, dry it by 70%, then sprinkle it with spray, foam or styling mousse. This will prolong the durability of the styling and allow you to create elastic curls.

When the hair is ready, comb it with a brush or comb. It is better to use accessories with frequent teeth. They, if necessary, will create a root volume.

Now let’s get down to the most important thing — how to wind the strands correctly. Decide on the direction — the hair can be curled horizontally, this allows you to create voluminous lush curls, and vertically — in this case you will get beautiful flowing curls, but without volume at the roots. In the second option, you can curl your hair, both from the face and to the face. Better yet, alternate both methods, the hairstyle will turn out to be more voluminous, creating the illusion of thick luxurious hair.


Do you want a beautiful styling, as soon as from the salon? Divide your hair into as many sections as possible. This will also allow you to get persistent curls, regardless of the diameter of the curlers used.

And how to wind the hair on curlers, based on the width of the existing strands? It is important to follow the rule here: the width of the strand cannot be greater than the length of the curler. And the thinner the strand, the more resistant the curls will turn out.

Another important nuance is the tension of the hair during winding. The strands should not overlap the curlers too loosely, otherwise they will simply unwind during sleep. But you should also not pull your hair — it can damage them.

Now you know how to curl your hair with curlers. Use these life hacks and your hair will always be flawless!


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