Ombre manicure: 8 original ideas


Ombre manicure is beautiful and original even without additional decoration. This is a smooth color gradient from light to dark over the entire surface of the nail. Combining different shades, you can get a unique bright design. But if the classic ombre technique seems boring to you, use more original ideas for creating a gradient.

vertical gradient on nails

A classic ombre manicure is considered a horizontal gradient. In this case, a darker shade flows into a light one from the base to the tip of the nail or vice versa. But another technique of the same ombre is gradually gaining popularity — a vertical gradient. It allows you to visually make the nails narrower and more elegant.

A vertical gradient is a transition of shades along the nail plate from left to right or right to left. Experiment to find the one that suits you best. Use your favorite shades to create a beautiful design.

Angular Gradient

Keep experimenting with the direction of the gradient. Horizontal and vertical ombre techniques are not the only options. The transition of your chosen shades can start from the corner of the nail and go diagonally. Such a manicure looks bold and original. In addition, it will make it possible to use more colors in the design.

Contrasting shades in manicure

Contrasting shades in manicure

As a rule, a gradient manicure is created with varnishes from the same color palette. For example, light blue turns into deep blue. But if you prefer brighter nail art, deviate from the rules — take contrasting shades. A great option for a juicy summer manicure!

Experiment with creating a contrast gradient. In nail design, combine colors that at first glance seem to be the exact opposite of each other. Try to combine the following shades on one nail: pink and light green, blue and yellow, blue and red, blue and pink, purple and beige.

French ombre technique

The classic jacket is relevant in any season. Diversify a long-familiar technique a little to get a stylish manicure. Make a gradient jacket.

To implement the idea, you will need beige and white varnish — everything is the same as in the case of a classic French manicure. The only difference is that the tips of the nails will not be highlighted with a clear stripe, but with a smooth ombre. Since you are doing exactly the jacket, the beige should be replaced by white not from the middle of the nail, as is usually done in a gradient manicure, but closer to the free edge of the nail plate.

Nude polish can be replaced with light pink. A gentle gradient jacket looks great if you additionally decorate it with small rhinestones.

Ombre in matte texture

The gradient nail design looks great in a glossy texture. It is this option that women choose more often. But do not forget about how popular matte manicure is. Create an ombre with satin finish polishes.

A matte gradient, even if you use bright enough shades to create a design, will look muted. A great way to “decorate” nails for girls who prefer a classic style.

Matte manicure using the ombre technique using pastel shades is especially popular. In design, combine beige, yellow, green, pink, sand. If you want to make a more daring manicure, take contrasting colors — burgundy and black, red and blue, emerald and gray, white and black.

Glitter Ombre Nail Design

Glitter Ombre Nail Design

Ombre on nails can be created not only with the use of colored varnishes. Use a loose shimmer or thick varnish with small sparkles. A sparkly gradient is a great way for beginners to master the ombre technique. The idea is easy to implement even on your own.

Cover your nails with your favorite polish. Wait until the base dries properly. Then, with one stroke of the brush, apply a shiny varnish so that the shimmer tightly covers the tips of the nails, gradually disappearing towards the middle. No need to try to make the gradient clear. On the contrary, let the edges of the shiny streamer be uneven. Try different glitter polishes. Suitable means with small shining glitter or with larger particles of foil.

If you use a loose shimmer, a nail brush will come in handy. And the sparkles themselves are applied to the wet base of the varnish so that a smooth gradient is obtained.

Original nail art combined with ombre manicure

Combine a gradient manicure with intricate nail art. Ornate patterns, hieroglyphs and letters, natural and animal print — experiment with a variety of designs. And so that the images do not overlap the gradient, decorate only one or two fingernails with nail art. It will turn out concise, but at the same time very original manicure.

Nail design start by creating a gradient in the selected shades. Cover the nail plate on the ring finger with only one color — the lightest of those that you used for the ombre. Decorate it with a print. The image may cover the nail completely or only partially.

To create complex nail art, it is not necessary to be able to handle a thin manicure brush. Use appropriate stickers to create beautiful drawings.

Geometric ombre technique

In a classic gradient manicure, one shade is smoothly replaced by another so that the borders of the transition of colors are completely invisible. But there is a much more original ombre technique that allows you to visually see the whole play of colors on the nails — a geometric gradient. As a rule, these are horizontal rows of miniature rhombuses, which change their color closer to the tip of the nail or completely disappear. Technique opens up great scope for the realization of the most daring ideas. Experiment with the geometry itself. Let it not be rhombuses, but small squares, circles, zigzags or horizontal stripes.

It is impossible to independently “draw” a geometric gradient on the nails, without tools and without being fluent in technique. To make a manicure, you will have to contact an experienced master.


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