Sports breeches: stylish models and trendy combinations


Sports breeches are very comfortable and comfortable clothing that easily fits into a variety of images. Both slender women of fashion and fairly full girls can afford them. At the same time, it is very important to carefully consider your image in order to always look attractive.

current models

Women’s sports breeches have different styles, and therefore every girl will be able to choose the right option. The most popular solutions include:

  • Straight Models. Such things look great with ordinary turtlenecks, tights, T-shirts. These products are great for fitness and walking with friends. From shoes, you can choose models with lacing or concise products without accessories.

  • Loose fit. Spacious bloomers can be used for yoga. Stylish cotton products are great for girls who are used to leading a healthy lifestyle. Breeches with prints should be combined with plain additions — a cropped top or T-shirt.
  • Wide models. Such products are great for running or acrobatics. Dropped waist and armholes showcase flawless abs.

  • cuffed. Such products look very stylish. They help to hold the breeches during active sports. Stylists advise choosing both plain products and decorated with stylish prints — for example, stripes or polka dots.
  • With an elastic band. In addition to cuffs, breeches with elastic can be found on sale. It performs the same functions, allowing you to maintain a high level of physical activity.

Important! Girls who want to hide some of the imperfections of their figure should choose sports breeches with a high waist. Such products help to always look perfect.

If there are a few extra pounds, you can choose the current models for weight loss. For girls who are used to being the center of attention, sports breeches with a skirt are ideal.

Stylish color solutions

To always look stylish and attractive, you need to choose the right color schemes. Today, the whole range of colors is on sale. So, you can buy quite concise models — black, beige, gray. In addition, it is easy to find fashionable summer products decorated with fun prints or gradients.

So, the most popular models include the following:

  • Black breeches. This option can be called the most practical and versatile. It can be easily combined with anything. Moreover, such products help to make the figure much slimmer.

  • gray models. The classic color is also versatile. To make the image more original, you should choose products with an unusual decor — metal buttons or stitching on the pockets. The stylish edging looks very interesting.

  • blue products. This color looks more interesting and always remains in trend. To be the center of attention, you can choose an ultramarine shade or indigo.

  • Pink models. Such breeches will undoubtedly appeal to fans of glamorous style. This is a great option for dancing or playing sports.

  • White breeches. Despite the fact that such products can hardly be called practical, they are very popular. To create a more original composition, you can choose breeches with an ombre effect. Funny contour patterns on snow-white fabric also look very interesting.

  • Printed. Stylists advise girls to choose a variety of colors. It can be a laconic beige color, a rich red tint or a delicate blue tone, decorated with floral or geometric prints.


To keep track pants stylish and comfortable, choose cotton, linen, and fleece. Knitted models will be an excellent option. Also, stretch breeches, which are easily stretched, will be a universal solution.

The most relevant solutions include:

  • Knitted breeches. Such models do not constrain movements at all. Thanks to this, you can easily and freely play sports.
  • Fleece models. These products are ideal for sports in cool weather. Breeches of various styles are made from this fabric.
  • Polyester products. Very comfortable sports breeches are sewn from this fabric. The structure of the fabric resembles cotton. In addition, it is highly wear-resistant and practically does not wrinkle. Also, trousers made of this fabric have antistatic characteristics and resistance to the appearance of pollution.

fashion images

Many girls are wondering what to wear with this piece of clothing. In fact, there are quite a few options — long tunics, sports T-shirts. Dark breeches can be combined with jackets up to the middle of the waist.

If the breeches resemble dark tights or leggings, they should definitely be supplemented with a tunic or a long T-shirt that covers the groin area. If the model looks like tight pants, any additions will do.

Breeches decorated with lacing can be worn with windbreakers or sports jackets that reach mid-thigh or waist. Tight tops or T-shirts to match will be a great addition. Particularly stylish look tight-fitting models that match the breeches in color.

Important! Stylists do not advise combining more than three shades in one set or using bright colors in different colors. If you break this rule, there is a risk of getting a tasteless and vulgar composition.

If the breeches resemble tight-fitting cotton trousers, you should use any T-shirts or T-shirts decorated with bright prints. Knitted sweaters or windbreakers are also suitable.

Shoes and accessories

To complete the ensemble with breeches, you can choose a stylish sports bag over the shoulder. Sneakers are also a good addition. Their color scheme must be selected taking into account other components of the image. If the breeches are bright, the shoes should be a neutral shade. If they are made in a gray or black palette, rather bright sneakers will do.

Sports breeches are considered a very stylish and fashionable piece of clothing that can be complemented with T-shirts, T-shirts, sweaters. It is very important to control color combinations and choose the right accessories. This will make the image more stylish and harmonious.

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