Месяц: Декабрь 2022

We make a comfortable and fashionable hairstyle of the season following the example of Lopez and Bieber

[ad_1] Stylists predict: one of the most fashionable and, importantly, comfortable styling this spring and summer will be the ponytail. Only now it’s not simple and familiar to everyone, but in the style of our beloved childhood doll — the beautiful Barbie. Following the toy idol, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber and Megan Ze Stallion are […]

Capri jeans — a simple and fashionable element of your wardrobe

[ad_1] Fashion trends dictate the need to involve clothing of different styles in women’s ensembles. The genuine interest of fashion critics is caused by capri jeans, which can create completely opposite images.. At first glance, these are simple sports products suitable for everyday wear. However, with a creative approach to creating a fashionable bow, you […]