Best Manicure Ideas for Almond Shaped Nails


Almond-shaped nails are considered one of the most feminine and elegant. It can be decorated with almost any type of manicure, limited only by your imagination and experience in nail art. But since the pointed tips of the nail plates already look quite “sharp” by themselves, it is important not to “overload” the design with bright varnishes and voluminous decorative elements. What manicure looks best on almond-shaped nails?

Classic and bright french

French can be very feminine or, conversely, defiant and daring. It all depends on what varnishes you will use today. French manicure makes almond-shaped nails even more elegant, as if “smoothing” their pointed edges a little.

Try to move away from the classic jacket — make the “smile line” not semicircular, but triangular. Such geometry will only decorate almond-shaped nails. But whatever «format» of design you choose, don’t let the color line along the edge of the nail be too thick. So you only «cut» the length of the pointed tip of the nail plate.

You are not limited in the choice of colors when making a jacket. But if you take a bright varnish to designate the “smile line”, cover the base of the nail with a calm nude shade, or even use a transparent top fixer.

Lunar manicure

Another win-win option for decorating almond-shaped nails is a moon manicure. In this case, it is not the tip of the nail that stands out in color, but a semicircle at its base.

Lunar manicure will best emphasize the elegant shape of almond-shaped nails if you choose the right colored varnishes. The classic option is white holes in combination with a nude coating. Want more creative designs? Then combine the moon manicure with the now fashionable negative space technique — the base is covered with a colored background, and the hole remains completely unpainted. Very simple, but negative space looks impressive.

As with the jacket, you can experiment with the shape of the hole. Make it triangular or even square, in the form of a concave semicircle, repeating the shape of the base of the nail plate.

Ombre technique on nails

Ombre technique on nails

The graceful almond shape of the nails further emphasizes the smooth transition of shades when you do an ombre manicure. For everyday design, it is better to choose calm shades of varnishes from the nude palette. An excellent example of such a manicure would be the transition of pale pink to light gray. For a brighter design, use saturated colors. On almond-shaped nails looks great muted burgundy, classic red, dark blue.

Ombre manicure on almond-shaped nails will not tolerate additional decoration in the form of rhinestones, large patterns. The design will be too «heavy». If you still want nail art with bright decor, use a manicure shimmer to make a brilliant stretch over the entire surface of the nail.

Matte manicure

Matte nail design attracts with its restraint and unusual texture of the base. Even if you use a bright color, it will look rather muted on the nail plates. What you need if you have almond nails.

In the nail service at the peak of popularity, the following matte shades are now: light gray, lavender, mint, plum.

Since matte coatings do not differ in brightness, the manicure can additionally be decorated with rhinestones (one stone per nail) or vertical thin lines.

Minimalistic geometry on the nails

Elegant almond-shaped nails will not be a suitable basis for voluminous nail art. Large drawings do not adorn this form at all. But geometric manicure is another matter. Clear thin lines on a neutral background will complement your feminine look.

Minimalistic geometric manicure is thin lines, circles, triangles and squares on the nails. On one nail there can be several figures at once. The main thing is that they complement each other, giving a solid image.

If your nails are exactly almond-shaped, then the lines and shapes in geometric manicure are best placed vertically. And horizontal stripes, for example, can visually “cut off” the length of the nail plates.

When making geometric nail art, you can even use rich colors of varnishes. The design will not seem provocative, since the neutral base will «balance» the bright lines.

Ethno style nail design

A beautiful nail design with drawings in ethnic style on almond-shaped nails looks bright and stylish. Even if soft varnishes are used in the work, such nail art will become a real decoration of your image.

Ethical motifs in manicure design are minimalistic or more complex images in the form of feathers, Indian or African patterns, intricate combinations of geometric shapes and symbols. Nail art with a schematic depiction of animals, which seem to be made up of separate triangles and squares, has become very popular.

Classics of ethnic nail design — black drawings on a neutral background. This is the best option for every girl. You can add more colors to the manicure if you do not intend to create too voluminous nail art.

Lace on nails

Lace on nails

How to complement a gentle manicure on almond-shaped nails with elegant lace? Feel free to experiment with the original technique of lace design. These are ornate patterns, reminiscent of embroidered fabric, on the entire surface of the nail or on a separate part of it.

If you are going to decorate your nails throughout the base, make lace in elegant black. If you take a rich red or blue, the manicure may seem «overloaded.» Bright shades are only suitable if you cover with lace, for example, only the tips of the nail plates. This is how you create an original jacket.

Lace manicure, if you do not know the technique of working with thin brushes for nail art, do it using stencils or using a simple stamping technique.


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