Blue midi skirt — the very sophistication and elegance


In a woman’s wardrobe there are many skirts of different shapes and colors, the only question is what to combine them with and how to make an attractive ensemble correctly. The trend has always been and remains samples of medium length, suitable for everyday wear, business meetings and work. If you need to stick to the dress code, then the blue midi skirt is the best option — the perfect replacement for black products.

Such a thing looks stylish and strict, while bringing a special touch of lightness, purity and harmony. Blue clothing is capable of much, it emphasizes the grace, elegance of the silhouette, hides excess fullness and adds femininity to the figure.

Who is the blue skirt for?

It is believed that a medium-length skirt suits absolutely all women, regardless of the features of the figure, and the blue tint visually corrects the silhouette. A pencil skirt will accentuate the seductive curves of the hips and hint at the perfect shape. This style is the best option for official meetings and negotiations, as it adds rigor and efficiency to the image. The magical blue color promotes trusting partnerships and successful completion of business, so business ladies prefer to wear midi-length blue pencil skirts.

Full ladies can also safely use such models, skillfully combining elements of the ensemble and accessories. Stylists recommend using high-waisted skirts, as they visually correct the silhouette, hiding the extra volume of the hips and legs.

There are many models of blue skirts of modern design that suit girls who prefer classic, biker, street or sports style. Classical models «tutu», «american», «tatyanka», «trapeze» add elegance and expression to the image. Athletic tight-fitting designs with a slit at the back or front are suitable for slim girls and emphasize perfect shapes.

Youth style requires the involvement of non-standard elements, so wrap skirts, asymmetries, peplums or slits are often used. Blue flared sun skirts are especially popular with skinny girls because they manage to create a feminine, seductive look and classic style. Pleated skirts are no less popular, as they can add splendor to the figure, and thanks to the blue color, emphasize feminine beauty.

Materials for sewing skirts

Blue skirts are sewn from different fabrics — light chiffon, dense denim, airy silk, practical knitwear. Versatile denim products are very comfortable and practical, so they are used for work, walks and travel.

An organza tutu skirt claims to be the brightest holiday outfit, and a satin pleated model will become the most romantic element of the ensemble.
Leather samples are used by fans of street or biker style. For studying, visiting the library or friendly parties, a blue wool product is suitable. Summer skirts are made of cotton, linen, satin, and winter models are sewn from suit fabric, jacquard or wool.

Successful combinations

Blue products go well with beige, yellow, coffee, black, purple, white samples. An elegant navy blue midi skirt looks luxurious if it is accented with light things. This is a wonderful outfit for office work and formal meetings, as the midi length adds rigor, while the blue color adds elegance and femininity. In addition, a dark shade perfectly replaces black, while it looks more bright and multifaceted. This model can be combined with a snow-white blouse, black golf, a jacket with a V-neck.

Blue midi skirts look harmonious with a denim jacket, a cropped leather jacket, and an openwork cardigan. You can make a fashionable bow — a dark blue skirt + a light green top + a blue denim jacket, complete the look with white beads and a golden clutch. A wonderful tandem — a blue product and a black crew-neck blouse, black sandals and a silver manager handbag.

With what to wear the product, you will be prompted by self-awareness and taste claims. Still, you should listen to the advice of stylists. Do not wear bright leopard print tops, houndstooth prints, or floral prints. It is better to use plain products of beige, lemon, green. Striped shirts or jumpsuits, t-shirts with inscriptions, tops with curly elements are appropriate.

If you want to create a business look, it is better to combine a skirt with a white shirt or blouse. Summer outfit — airy skirts with plain-colored T-shirts or bright bodysuits. To compose a winter ensemble, a white sweater, a cream jumper, a brown jacket are suitable.

Shoes and accessories

A medium-length blue skirt will perfectly connect with high-heeled shoes — shoes, sandals, boots, ankle boots. Summer classic designs can be combined with ballet shoes or sandals, and sports designs will make a fashionable tandem with moccasins, slip-ons or oxfords.

As for accessories, a combination with massive beads, necklaces, pendants, earrings made of natural blue stone is appropriate here. Stylish glasses, a fashionable hat, a chiffon neck scarf or a bracelet will complement the image. Whatever style you choose, the main thing is to harmoniously combine all the elements of the ensemble, taking into account the color and texture of the materials.

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