Capri jeans — a simple and fashionable element of your wardrobe


Fashion trends dictate the need to involve clothing of different styles in women’s ensembles. The genuine interest of fashion critics is caused by capri jeans, which can create completely opposite images.. At first glance, these are simple sports products suitable for everyday wear. However, with a creative approach to creating a fashionable bow, you can radically transform the image, bring outrageousness and expression into it.

Features of jeans models

Trendy women’s capri jeans owe their popularity to an unusual style. The 7/8 mid-calf length is ergonomic, practical and provides freedom of movement and comfort to wear. Straight models are in demand among women of any age and physique, as they moderately fit the hips, cover the calves and perfectly model the figure. Skinny pants are acceptable for a younger audience and allow you to show the best sides of the figure — graceful ankles, toned buttocks and a thin waist.

The composition of the material provides convenience and practicality of products. Natural denim has excellent properties that are beneficial to the human body. In such things, discomfort or sweating never occurs, since the material passes air well and absorbs moisture. Denim provides optimal temperature, reliably protects from cold, heat, wind and rain. That’s why denim pants are the favorite clothing of young fashionistas who lead an active lifestyle and attend sporting events.


The amazing history of a fashionable product originates in the late 40s of the last century. On the Italian island of Capri, German designer Sonia de Lennart has created a new style of cropped trousers. It all started on a hot day, when a lovely lady was walking along the coast and noticed how the fishermen cut off their long trousers so that they would be comfortable to enter the water. The fashion designer liked the idea, and she created a collection of cropped trousers, which were named after the island. Women appreciated the fashionable innovation.


Fashionable Capri jeans visibly transform the silhouette and allow you to demonstrate an excellent shape. Tapered designs will hint at slender legs, shortened models will reveal graceful ankles. Stretch denim will help hide a protruding tummy and full hips. Extremely practical and comfortable are high-waisted capri jeans that drastically adjust the silhouette and provide the visual effect of a perfect figure. Full ladies successfully use products with a high fit, which allow you to look slimmer and more elegant.

Today, women of fashion prefer denim capri pants to too frank shorts, because they are very comfortable and do not hinder movement. If in miniskirts it is possible to expose the hips and buttocks with excess movement, then in cropped trousers it is absolutely safe and very comfortable.

Product types

A variety of shapes, colors and textures of the fabric allows you to choose the best option, taking into account the purpose of the item and the age of the woman. Ripped jeans, avant-garde models with holes, scuffs, applications and a combination of materials are presented to the youth audience. Paying tribute to fashion, young fashionistas use cropped pants with a raw bottom edge.

An excellent choice for obese women — a sample with overflows, visually masking excess fullness. Respectable ladies prefer monochrome products without unnecessary decorative fragments to create an urban look. For everyday wear, classic designs with a minimum number of decoration elements are useful. Torn, trimmed, worn samples just above the ankles are suitable for a club party or disco.

Solid color discreet capri pants are great for work, walks, visits to the summer cinema. Models decorated with patches or appliqué are acceptable for a disco or a youth party. Samples with lace claim to be the most elegant things and are acceptable for meetings, presentations and anniversaries. Such products give romance to the image, add femininity to the figure. Cut, torn, frayed jeans will find use in an informal setting. This is the best option for a country walk, outdoor recreation or hiking.

Combination methods

A huge assortment of trousers of different shapes and lengths allows you to create unimaginable bows and new looks. What to wear with denim capri pants? Following the rule of balance of body proportions, the top should be chosen taking into account the volume and splendor of the lower part. Harem pants are best combined with a tight-fitting top, a fitted blouse, a cropped jacket. Skinny capri pants look great paired with a ruffled oversized sweater or oversized sweater. Straight cropped trousers can be combined with an elongated denim jacket, a fitted shirt to the middle of the thighs.

As for the harmonious combination of colors, different interpretations are appropriate here. Dark blue jeans can be combined with a burgundy, beige blouse, blue sweater, brown jacket. Blue capris will make a harmonious tandem with white, yellow, green outerwear.. Versatile white denim capris can be combined with a contrasting top — a black top, a red blouse, a green lace jacket or with things in restrained shades — a cream t-shirt, a brown T-shirt, a beige tunic with a floral pattern.

The upper part can be made of different materials. You can use knitted tops, viscose T-shirts, cotton T-shirts, silk blouses, stretch jumpsuits. For winter time, woolen cardigans, denim shirts or vests are suitable.

Shoes and accessories

The choice of shoes is largely determined by the purpose of the ensemble. If you are going for a walk or a country holiday, you can use comfortable examples of sports style — slip-ons, moccasins, sneakers, sneakers. When creating a city or street look, flat shoe designs are useful — boats, ballet flats, sandals, loafers.

Elegant urban grunge is not complete without stylish high-heeled shoes or stiletto sandals. In the spring, you can wear boots with comfortable soles or cropped ankle boots with a bevelled edge.

Fashionable accessories will accentuate style and emphasize individuality. Items such as natural stone beads, silver earrings, a gold chain, and a stylish bracelet will add elegance to the image. A scarf or neckerchief, leather belt or textile strap will add a special zest to the female look. Cropped capris go well with sports accessories — headscarves, headbands, baseball caps, wristbands or smart watches.

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