Grass cardigan — a trendy model for young and daring


One of the brightest and most unusual items of women’s wardrobe is a grass cardigan. This product looks very elegant due to the structure of the material and its glossy surface. The canvas resembles fresh cut greens, hence the name «grass». The composition of the yarn includes exclusively synthetic threads — polyamide and polyester, sometimes with the addition of lurex and metal raw materials. Things turn out to be lush and voluminous, therefore they allow you to create elegant and attractive female images.

Knitting Features

Fluffy yarn called “grass” is ideal for beginner needlewomen, since bumps and uneven loops are not noticeable. Regardless of the density of knitting, the finished product will look beautiful and elegant. Use yarn 4.5-5 class and knitting needles or hooks. Machine knitting is possible, the main thing is that the equipment is in perfect technical condition and does not pinch the threads. A stylish women’s cardigan made of grass is knitted with purl and facial loops in hosiery, garter stitch or stitch. Patterns are almost never used, since they are not noticeable against the background of a lush and fluffy canvas.

Tips for knitting «grass»:

  • Use knitting needles that are large enough.
  • Consider the features of the yarn — from the wrong side, the fabric turns out to be more fluffy.
  • The finished product is combed on both sides.
  • Combine synthetic and natural threads, then the product will not cause sweating and discomfort.

Depending on the composition of the yarn, the finished product acquires certain features. The jacket can be very bright or have discreet wet colors. Sometimes the product is slightly prickly, but when using high-quality yarn, it turns out soft, delicate and pleasant to the touch.

Who suits?

The original weed cardigan is suitable for almost all women, regardless of age, status and professions. For girls and schoolgirls, the product will add solemnity, for girls and students it will allow them to emphasize their own style and female individuality. For older women, chic fluffy cardigans will give a youthful look and add a special twist to style. The best choice for obese women is elongated models to the knee. This length will hide the errors of the figure and emphasize the beneficial aspects of the appearance. Slender girls will suit jackets of any length, rounding shapes and adding femininity to the silhouette.

Variety of styles

For every taste and color, you can choose a product that will become the main accent of style and will allow you to demonstrate the best aspects of your appearance. Young students prefer shortened patterns with a zipper, fastener or one button. Knitted patterns are very comfortable to wear and acceptable for various events. Schoolgirls prefer bolero or zipper models. Business ladies choose weed knitted cardigans that resemble a poncho or a fluffy sweater. These products last long and reliably, creating luxurious images and slightly adjusting the silhouette.

Depending on the purpose of the ensemble, one or another cardigan made of grass yarn is used.. It can be a bright maxi-length piece or a shortened product with three-quarter sleeves. For a holiday, presentation, anniversary, a fluffy jacket of any length is suitable, the main thing is that it be bright and expressive. For everyday wear, jackets with a zipper or one button in discreet colors are appropriate.


A variety of materials are used to make cardigans, including grass yarn with a high fluffy pile based on 100% synthetic fiber. A distinctive feature of the material is a shiny surface that gives glamor and chic to the finished product.. Grass jackets add presentability and luxury to the appearance, emphasizing the feminine personality. Needlewomen often knit products in stripes, using grass and natural threads, which allows you to increase the comfort of things.

Types of yarn

The market offers imported plush print yarn, which is distinguished by high strength and brightness. No less high quality is the Turkish material from Visantia, but the products come out quite expensive.. The Russian yarn «Lolena» and the German «Zitron» are considered economical, thanks to which good-quality things with high aesthetic indicators are obtained. Grass jackets are easy to wash without deforming, and retain their newness for a long time without fading or losing their characteristic shine.


The most stylish is considered to be a white cardigan that will adorn women of any age. A snow-white product can be worn for an evening or a carnival and create a fabulous image of a fairy or the Snow Queen. It is appropriate to wear the product over a wedding dress or a black set based on a blouse, skirt or trousers and an elegant top.

Purple, gray, lilac, blue, melange knitted patterns are useful for everyday wear. For the holiday, you can wear red, yellow, green jackets or metallic colors. A business image will help to create things of neutral tones — white or black. For urban grunge, turquoise, coral, lemon or sea wave jackets are the best choice.

fashion images

How and with what to wear a weed cardigan? When choosing things, one should take into account the features of the product — its splendor, volume and outrageous appearance. Therefore, it is better to use things of a simple cut and discreet colors. In autumn, you can wear a bright jacket + a knitted sundress or a black viscose dress. In winter, insulated trousers, a pencil skirt and golf in muted tones will come in handy. In spring, to create a trendy bow, you will need bright cardigans with lurex, which can be combined with jeans, a mini skirt, a turtleneck or a silk blouse. In summer, shorts and tops, skinny and T-shirts, capris and T-shirts are acceptable.

Shoes and accessories

When creating fashionable bows, you should choose clothes and shoes taking into account individual characteristics and fashion preferences. The youth image accepts original shoe samples — semi-open shoes with a clasp made of patent leather, sandals with textile decorative elements on a stiletto heel. Older women prefer comfortable boots with fur trim with a small heel or boots with flat polyurethane soles.. In summer, it is appropriate to wear lace boots, ballet flats or sandals, and in winter — insulated boots with natural fur. For sports events, walks and country holidays, slip-ons, sneakers or oxfords will come in handy.

Accessories should imperceptibly and subtly influence the formation of style, so it is better to give preference to exquisite jewelry and stylish elements.. Massive beads made of natural stone will add luxury, presentability to the image and emphasize the boho or classic style. A gold chain or silver earrings will complete a youthful or street look. Chic watches will suit business ladies and emphasize status and prestige. Kid gloves or glasses will accentuate the chosen style. Experiments will help you find the best option and choose the perfect accessories that will help you create an original and inimitable ensemble.

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