Habits that damage nail health


A beautiful woman is beautiful to the tips of her nails. But what if, despite all the efforts, the nails do not look well-groomed enough? Experts advise you to rethink your habits — they are often to blame for the fact that the aesthetics of nails suffer!

Habit 1: Don’t protect your nails from the cold

In the cold season, refusing to wear accessories, whether it be a fashionable hat, a stylish scarf or warm seals, is an unforgivable mistake. This is just the case when, in the pursuit of beauty, the fair sex lose their health.

Ignoring gloves, for example, worsens the microcirculation of blood in the skin of the hands, which is why the nail is less supplied with useful substances — vitamins and minerals. And this, in turn, leads to separation nails, their increased fragility.

Habit 2: Trim your cuticles

Habit 2: Trim your cuticles

Long gone are the days when there was no alternative to trimmed manicure. Now every woman can choose what is best for her. In difficult cases, when the cuticle has grown or burrs have appeared, it is really impossible to do without cutting off the “extra” sections. But in other situations, it will be enough to use a remover and push back the cuticle with an orange stick. The upper part of the cuticle, if necessary, can be removed with a buff.

“The negative consequences of frequent cutting of the cuticle include the growth of weak, brittle and soft nails, the appearance of irregularities. At the same time, it should also be taken into account that the nails become more vulnerable to mycoses, ”summarizes Dr. Nina Roos, dermatologist.

Did you know?

The prototype of an orange stick for nail care appeared in 1830. And the first base for lacquer coating was created in 1938.

Habit 3: Keep your hands in the water often

If your profession or lifestyle requires you to soak your hands in water for a long time or wash your hands frequently, you should know that this is negatively affecting the health of your nails. They become more brittle, often exfoliate and break off.

Barrier creams — special protective agents for the skin of the hands — can help. They allow you to endure 3-4 hand washing procedures “without loss”, protecting the skin from dehydration, and the nails from delamination and other troubles. Keep them always at a distance of an elongated river, updating the protective layer as needed.

Habit 4: Manicure after hand bath

Habit 4: Manicure after hand bath

“When you dip your fingertips in water to soften the cuticle, the nails expand. Usually this is not a problem. But if you apply a coat before the nail has regained its texture, it won’t last long,» says Madeline Poole, nail technician.

To prevent the appearance of chips and peeling of nail polish, do hand baths an hour or two before the procedure or the night before. If the skin of the hands is dehydrated, flaky, and the nails are brittle and brittle, replace the baths with a nourishing hand cream — it will bring more benefits.

On a note!

The growth rate of nails is influenced not only by genetics and lifestyle, but also by the temperature «overboard». Nails grow faster in warm weather and slower in cold weather.

Habit 5: Go on strict diets

An unbalanced diet, a variety of detoxes and mono-diets have a negative impact not only on general well-being, but also on the health of all organs and systems. “Rigid diets lasting 2-3 months will have a resonant effect on your nails. Due to the lack of nutrients, they will become soft and brittle,” warns Dr. Roos.

In order for nails to be healthy, strong and beautiful, they need a balanced diet: seafood for essential trace elements, eggs for vitamin B 5, dairy products — a storehouse of calcium and vegetable oils as a source of essential fatty acids.

Habit 6: Wear nail polish all the time

Habit 6: Wear nail polish all the time

“Some women have more brittle nails than others. For them, even ordinary nail polish is dangerous. It can have a destructive effect: dry nails, contribute to their fragility and brittleness, discoloration, ”says Dr Roos.

For prevention, before applying a color coating, it is imperative to use a protective base. “And if the nails are damaged or turned yellow, take a break from wearing the coating for at least 2-3 months. All this time, only hygienic manicure should be done, ”says Dr Roos.

Did you know?

The scientific name for nail biting is onychophagia. According to doctors, many people suffering from it get rid of the harmful scourge on their own by the age of 30.

Habit 7: Dilute thickened varnish with acetone

In addition to ruining the nail polish, making it look paler and less resistant, and making it extremely difficult to apply the coating due to the increased fluidity of the product, it puts the health of the nails at risk. Acetone dries out nails, making them thin and very brittle.

To «renew» the varnish, it is better to use solvents that do not contain acetone. And add them to the varnish in a minimal amount, remembering that the health of the nails is the main goal.

Habit 8: Remove gel polish incorrectly

Habit 8: Remove gel polish incorrectly

Prolonged wear of gel polish is even more dangerous for nail health than regular polish. According to scientists and doctors, the maximum service life of such a coating is 2-3 weeks. After that, the gel polish should be carefully removed from the nails.

There are two ways: sawing off the coating and using acetone-based products. Each of them has its own side effects. When cutting gel polish, the upper part of the nail suffers, which can be fraught with the appearance of furrows and bumps on the skin, the growth of a weak, soft nail. Removing the coating with acetone liquid dries out the nails, making them brittle.

“Before applying the nail polish remover, you need to generously lubricate the cuticles and the nails themselves with cosmetic oil. After that, treat the nails with a solvent and leave for 10 minutes. Finally, use the flat tip of an orange stick and light pressure to remove the gel polish, ”recommends Madeline Poole nail service master


Fingernails grow twice as fast as toenails. For comparison: fingernails grow an average of 3.5 millimeters per month, while feet grow only 1.6 millimeters.

Habit 9: Get acrylic nails

Acrylic nail extension, in addition to the obvious advantages for the aesthetics of nails, has a number of disadvantages. First of all, this is the need for grinding the nail plates before the procedure (for better adhesion), sealing the nail plates with artificial materials (which is fraught with fungal infections and other nail lesions). «And let’s not forget how harmful it is to breathe in acrylic dust,» adds Madeline Poole nail service master

If you still want to get a large length of the nail plates in a short time, use false nails. They injure natural ones less and besides, they are easy to stick and remove at home.

Habit 10: Be a longtime smoker

“Tobacco disrupts the blood supply and leads to yellowing of the nails,” says Dr. Nina Roos. For those who smoke, the nails do not grow as fast, they become more brittle.

“If you can’t give up this bad habit, at least practice countermeasures regularly. Since smoking constricts blood vessels, wear warm gloves in the cold, wash your hands with warm rather than cold water, lean on foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids. And be sure to play sports! ”, — advises Dr Roos.

Expert comment

Nadezhda Smirnova, nail service master

We get used to certain actions, get carried away with some kind of work and do not even think that this can harm our hands or nails. Nevertheless, if you follow simple rules, then you will be able to do what you love and at the same time stay with beautiful well-groomed nails!

There are 9 habits that are dangerous for nail health:

1. Gardening without gloves

From working in the ground, the nails dry out and exfoliate. If you do not follow this rule, you risk injury. In addition to dirt, a splinter can also get under the nails, and it is problematic to get it without consequences.

2. Work with chemicals without protection

Chemicals cause allergies, affect nails. May cause onycholysis (nail disease characterized by detachment of the nail plate from the bed).

3. Bite your nails

It is unaesthetic and ugly. There is a risk of infection with parasites.

4. «Rip off» gel polish

If the coating is not removed correctly, the nails become thinner. They crumble and become brittle.

5. Do not comply with the terms of wearing gel polish

Each woman has her own term for wearing gel polish. If the coating moves away from the nail plate, then it’s time to remove it or redo it. Water gets under the gel polish, the nails begin to exfoliate. If juice or other food gets in, mold may appear with prolonged wear.

6. File nails after soaking

This habit will also lead to delamination of the nail plate. You can give shape only before water procedures.

7. Use a file not for natural nails

A large abrasive will exfoliate the nails.

8. Clean nails with improvised tools

For example, toothpicks, an orange stick and other hard objects not intended for this purpose. Thus, you risk damaging the hyponychium (the bottom layer of the nail plate) or causing onycholysis.

9. Tear off or bite off burrs

This habit can cause inflammation and suppuration.

Follow simple rules, get rid of dangerous habits and always stay beautiful and healthy!

Expert comment

Oksana Anatolyevna Orlova, MD, PhD, researcher at the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, laboratory of aging bioregulation, cosmetologist

“You can be a smart person and think about the beauty of your nails.” From the novel in verse «Eugene Onegin».

It makes no sense to distrust a genius. In addition, our self-confidence and psychological comfort largely depend on this. Well-groomed hands are, in a way, one of the elements of respect for your partner, colleagues, interlocutors, and their trust in you. And most importantly, it is an indicator of health. Thus, our reputation is incompatible with bad habits and neglect of nails. What is worth paying attention to?

The first step is proper nutrition with enough protein and vegetables in the diet. An indispensable condition is the content of vitamin F, Omega-6, Omega-3. Regular washing of the skin of the hands using a nail brush during the day will prevent the spread of infection and cosmetic imperfections of the nails. The use of gloves during household chores: washing dishes and cleaning. Simple means of salvation from chemical aggression: water, alcohols, chlorine, acids and alkalis that can soften and destroy the nail plate.

Do not use your nails as a tool for opening or rubbing something: the nail becomes brittle and layered. We love to decorate our nails with varnishes. Meanwhile, it is necessary to take breaks in their application and «do not wear old varnish for a long time», this destroys the nails. At least once a month you need to give your nails a week of rest.

And such a feminine element of the wardrobe as gloves is able to maintain the health of not only the nail plate, but the whole body as a whole. It is worth putting them on already at an air temperature of +5 degrees Celsius.


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