How to visually make nails longer?


Even on short nails, you can create spectacular nail art. The “correct” manicure is able to visually lengthen the nail plates. It is only important to choose their shape, shade of varnish and the design itself. It turns out that extensions are not the only possible option if for one reason or another you cannot grow your nails. How to visually give the nail plates an “extra” length?

Choose the «correct» nail shape

Now the trend is the average or short length of the nails. Manicure looks natural, elegant and feminine, complements any image and style of clothing. And even in this case, you have a lot of scope for implementing the most daring ideas of stylish nail art. Still want short nails to look longer? Then work on their shape.

If the nail bed is rather narrow, then with any length of the nails, the fingers will look elegant and miniature. In this case, it is enough just to choose the “correct” shade of varnish and suitable nail art. But with a wide nail bed, you should take into account the features of the fingers in order to achieve the optical effect of long nails. Here it is better to abandon the rectangular and round shape, otherwise the nail plates will look even shorter. It is believed that oval and almond-shaped nails visually look longer.

Choose nail polish shades that lengthen short nails.

Choose nail polish shades that lengthen short nails.

The shade of varnish plays a big role not only when choosing it for a specific dress or event. The color of the coating will also “balance” the manicure, making the nails visually longer.

General recommendations are quite simple: light varnishes visually shorten the nail plates, while dark ones, on the contrary, lengthen them. You can see for yourself. Paint short nails nude beige or light pink, and they seem to merge with your fingers. But the «Gothic» design will highlight the manicure. For coating, it is recommended to use berry, wine, dark blue, graphite and emerald palettes. These are rich, deep colors that visually lengthen the nails. And don’t forget about the «magic» of black. Dark clothing slims and makes the figure more elegant. Black varnish gives the same effect, as if “stretching” the nail plates in length.

When applying nail polish, leave «gaps» around the edges

When doing a manicure on short nails, try applying varnish using a certain technique. Brush along the nail plate so that there are small “gaps” of 1-1.5 mm along its lateral edges. This will «balance» the shape of the nails by narrowing them and giving them extra length.

Move your cuticles back before applying polish.

Do not forget to prepare the nail plates for a decorative manicure. If it is too early to cut the cuticle, then be sure to move it closer to the base of the nail. This is an extra millimeter of its length.

Push the cuticle with the flat side of an orange stick or a metal pusher.

Avoid matte finishes

Matte lacquers are at the peak of popularity. This is a great opportunity to create a beautiful, stylish manicure — one-color or multi-color, with or without decor. But the matte texture does not decorate too short nails. They seem wider than they actually are, which does not give grace to the fingers at all. In this case, mother-of-pearl and glossy varnishes will be the best choice. They will create vertical highlights on the nail plates, visually lengthening them.

And matte varnishes look much better on long and medium length nails.

Do a Classic French Manicure

The classic jacket is an eternal trend in nail service. And it looks better on short or medium length nails. The snow-white edge of the nail plate creates the illusion of its length. Therefore, a French manicure can become your stylish everyday nail art.

When making a jacket, do not forget about an important rule — the thinner the white line along the edge of the nail, the visually longer it will appear.

With short nails, it is better to opt for a classic French manicure with a white free edge. The tips of the nail plates, covered with other colors, can, on the contrary, visually shorten them.

Experiment with vertical gradient manicure

Gradient manicure — a smooth transition of shades from one to another. Girls often choose the horizontal ombre technique — the color changes from the base of the nail to its tip. But to create a beautiful design on short nail plates, you should experiment with a vertical gradient. In this case, the ombre runs from left to right or right to left.

The vertical gradient visually lengthens and narrows the nails. At the same time, you can choose any shades for manicure.

Let vertical elements prevail in nail design

Let vertical elements prevail in nail design

Many girls try not to decorate short nails with any nail art, trying not to draw attention to the «deficit» of their length. And very in vain. Some types of design will not only transform the manicure, but also visually lengthen the nail plates. This includes geometric nail art with vertical elements. And it doesn’t have to be just vertical lines. Although with laconic stripes you can create unique designs.

Give preference to prints in which the vertical prevails. What can be nail art? A bright flower on a long stem, a striped umbrella with a long handle, a vertical knitted pattern, a vertically elongated abstraction.

Triangle nail art

A neatly drawn triangle is another type of geometric manicure that can visually stretch short nails. The design will make them thinner and longer. In addition, laconic geometric prints are in fashion.

How to draw a triangle? The main rule is that the tapering edge of the figure should be located towards the free edge of the nail plate. This trick will help visually lengthen the manicure. Draw the triangle itself of any size — small or, conversely, over the entire surface of the nail. To make the print look good, place it on a lighter background. Experiment with black geometry. A dark drawing on any base looks clear and bright.


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