Masks for hair shine at home


The main indicator of hair health is the play of light on curls and strands. Find out how to pamper your hair, on the basis of which to prepare masks for hair shine at home.

What do hair love?

What do hair love?

Winter, cold, hats, often made of synthetic materials, exposure to static electricity, lack of fresh air, vitamins and minerals — all this negatively affects our hair, making the hair on the head dull, lifeless. Strands of hair damaged by the relentless summer sun, sea water or the contents of pools look no better during summer holidays.

What does our hair love? Of course, they need the same balanced diet that is recommended for each of us, a harmonious combination of quality proteins, healthy fats and slow carbohydrates in the daily diet. And also: calcium, tocopherol, magnesium, calciferols, iron, retinol.

In the autumn-winter-summer period, many of us, to one degree or another, experience nutrient deficiencies. Overcoming the imbalance helps the course intake of certain vitamin complexes, which should be recommended by a general practitioner or a narrow specialist, for example, a trichologist.

But even this may not be enough to restore the health of the hair. Fastidious epithelial appendages of the skin of people require comprehensive care. Combined with a proper diet internally, care for dull hair should include external products: quality shampoos, conditioners, rinses, conditioners, serums, etc.

In addition to ready-made drugs produced by an industrial method and professional SPA procedures for hair, we advise you to pamper curls and strands on your own, at home, using improvised means. Masks for hair shine at home will help save the situation and restore a healthy look.

Chic, shine, beauty!

In order for the hair to shimmer seductively under the rays of the sun and lighting devices, it is important not only to properly feed them, but also to carefully cleanse them of lifeless, dead cells. This is what chemical peels do. The most gentle type of this type of care is exfoliating treatments based on fruit acids. Where can you find these substances? Of course, in the composition of fruits.

All year round, not only lemons and grapefruits are available to us today, but also strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, kiwi, mangoes and other exotic fruits and seasonal berries. Pamper your body with healthy plant products as often as possible. Make masks for hair shine at home based on them, adding other valuable ingredients.

  • Cognac-lemon mask — prepared on the basis of the yolk of chicken or quail eggs, with the addition of cognac, burdock oil and lemon juice. All products are recommended to be added in a 1:1 ratio.
  • A mask based on sea buckthorn for the regeneration and nutrition of dry hair will have to be prepared in advance. 100 g of berries, crushed with a blender, are poured with any unrefined oil (sesame, olive, sunflower, grape seed, castor, etc.) and allowed to brew in a dark place for a week or more.
  • The honey-lemon mask also contains lemon juice and unrefined vegetable oil. But besides them, a natural bee product is added to it — flower honey. It contains half of the periodic table, so the hair receives excellent nutrition.
  • Watermelon and strawberry masks are great for those whose hairline is characterized by increased secretion of sebum. They perfectly exfoliate, while drying and narrowing the pores, reducing the production of oil by the skin. In addition to fruit purees, various oils are added to them, for example: jojoba, orange, grapefruit.
  • To restore the structure of hair damaged as a result of aggressive dyeing or perm, we recommend homemade hair shine masks based on raspberries and sea salt. In addition to these components, the composition includes natural honey and unrefined olive or burdock oil. The products are mixed in proportions 1:1.


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