Orange dress: how and with what to combine?


It is difficult to find a more cheerful tone in the color palette than orange. This color is associated with the bright sun and juicy oranges, so the subconscious reaction to orange clothing is extremely positive.

Psychologists say that women who are romantically related to life will choose an orange dress. Moreover, experts believe that orange clothes will help to cope with depression and recommend dressing in bright clothes during difficult periods of life.


Photos of orange outfits make it possible to understand that this tone is represented by different shades. Orange color is made up of red and yellow tones, in light shades there is also white.

The most popular shades of orange used in clothing are:

  • tangerine. This is a very bright shade that attracts attention.
  • Mango. A lighter and more delicate shade of orange.

  • Pumpkin warm shadein which the yellow hue predominates over the red.
  • red orange. In this shade, on the contrary, there is more red than yellow.

  • Apricot. Light shade of warm tone, which can be called pink-orange.
  • Autumn leaf color. It is a deep orange hue.

Who suits?

Not all women dare to wear bright orange dresses, believing that this color is too extravagant. Meanwhile, this color goes to almost everyone. Exceptions are girls with pale skin. They are not recommended to wear orange in the vicinity of the face. But if you buy a model with a collar in white or another contrasting color, or use a neckerchief or scarf, then an orange-colored dress may well take pride of place in the wardrobe.

If the skin naturally has a warm tone, then you can safely buy any orange-colored things.

With what to combine?

The orange dress is bought, and the question immediately arises, what to wear this outfit with to look stylish? Not everyone decides to create a “total bow” look in this bright color, so you should get acquainted with the accessories of what colors you can wear orange clothes.

  • White. White accessories will perfectly complement the orange summer dress, the image will turn out to be fresh and bright in summer.

  • Black. This color will «mute» the brightness of orange, so the image will turn out to be more restrained. If you add white to this duet, then the ensemble will turn out elegant and solemn.
  • Blue. This contrasting combination looks bright and stylish, suitable for summer looks.

  • Beige or brown. The use of beige or brown accessories in combination with an orange dress looks natural and harmonious.
  • purple. A bold combination of orange and purple can often be found in evening bows.

  • Greens. The combination of orange and green is found in nature. Using green accessories for an orange dress looks especially good in summer and beach looks.
  • gray. Gray accessories “balance” the bright orange color, the image is concise and calm, great for everyday bows.

  • yellow. Yellow color in combination with an orange dress should be used sparingly. For example, you can pick up a yellow strap or handbag.
  • Pink. Pink accessories for an orange dress should be chosen by young girls. In this case, it is recommended to follow the rule: you should choose the same saturated shades of pink for rich orange. If the dress is a light shade of orange, then choose pale pink accessories for it.

  • Blue or turquoise. This duet will be very successful, especially when creating summer bows. For example, you can wear bright turquoise shoes to an orange dress. The ensemble is complemented by a mint-colored handbag and turquoise jewelry in a yellow metal frame.


Orange dresses can have a wide variety of styles. An outfit of this color can be made in almost any style.

office fashion

If the company has a not too strict dress code, then an orange dress can even be worn to work. It is better to prefer lighter and muted shades of color.

An elegant orange sheath dress can be complemented with a beige, gray or brown jacket. Combined with classic shoes and a briefcase bag, this outfit will look business-like restrained.

A fitted business dress with a peplum and a three-quarter sleeve in a muted shade of orange looks interesting. This outfit, combined with a short jacket in neutral shades and classic shoes, looks strict. And if after work you change your office shoes for a high-heeled model, take off your jacket and put on a long string of beads or a bright brooch, you will get an outfit in which you can go on a date or to a cafe with friends.

Everyday looks

Orange dresses are a great choice for summer. Moreover, the length of the dress can be any, from mini to maxi. The style of a bright summer dress is chosen depending on the type of figure. For girls with an hourglass or pear figure, fitted dresses with puffy skirts are suitable.

If the waist is not too pronounced (the type of figure is «apple» or «rectangle»), then it is better to choose a dress in the shape of a trapezoid.

For summer, it is worth sewing dresses from natural fabrics based on cotton or linen. Comfortable to wear knitted dress. Not only plain orange dresses look cute, but also print models. Polka dot fabrics are especially popular.

Evening looks

An orange evening dress will not go unnoticed, its owner will be the center of attention at any event.

For a youth party or going to a club, a short orange dress is suitable. It can be a tight-fitting model, for example, a bandage dress (such a dress not only fits, but also tightens the figure a little). If the figure is not perfect, then it is better to choose a model of a free silhouette, for example, a dress in the shape of a trapezoid.

A puffy orange dress made of light fabrics, such as chiffon, looks original. Such an outfit can be sewn for graduation. The model can have a corset top or a bodice with an asymmetrical neckline and a shoulder strap.

For a gala event, you can choose a bright orange silk dress with a floor-length skirt. Or prefer a model with a train, in which the skirt in front is significantly shorter than in the back. Orange mermaid dresses look original, but you need to get used to this style, as it is not very comfortable to move in it.

wedding images

Today, «colored» weddings are very popular, in which the newlyweds’ outfits, accessories, hall decoration and other details are designed in one color. Often choose the orange color, because it is very festive and positive.

Brave brides can sew an orange wedding dress, the image will turn out to be very unusual. But you can choose a less extravagant outfit. For example, a white dress with orange trim and a tangerine sash. The bride’s bouquet should also be kept in orange.

The groom, of course, does not have to wear an orange-colored suit, but he can wear an orange tie or choose an orange boutonniere.

To support the color of the holiday, you should prepare orange bridesmaid dresses and decorate the hall using different shades of this color.

What makeup is right for you?

A bright dress attracts attention, so makeup for this outfit should be flawless. Stylists categorically do not recommend using shades that match the tone of the dress when doing makeup, the image will turn out to be vulgar.

When creating daytime looks, you should give preference to gray, beige, brown shades of shadows. If you are creating a bright evening make-up, shades of blue, purple or green shades will do.

In the event that the emphasis in makeup is on the eyes, then it is better to cover the lips with a colorless gloss or nude lipstick. In the event that you plan to focus on the lips, then you should choose a rich pink lipstick.

lucky bows

  • An elegant look can be created on the basis of a bright orange sheath dress. We select light beige high-heeled shoes and a cream-colored rectangular clutch with gold trim for it. A wide yellow metal bracelet completes the look.

  • Light sleeveless chiffon dress with a long skirt and a round neckline, complemented by a milk chocolate colored strap. We put on sandal-colored sandals from the straps to him and take a small brown bag. Complement the image of wooden jewelry with yellow metal inserts.

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