We make a comfortable and fashionable hairstyle of the season following the example of Lopez and Bieber


Stylists predict: one of the most fashionable and, importantly, comfortable styling this spring and summer will be the ponytail. Only now it’s not simple and familiar to everyone, but in the style of our beloved childhood doll — the beautiful Barbie.

Following the toy idol, Ariana Grande, Hailey Bieber and Megan Ze Stallion are already doing this hairstyle. Why, even J. Lo herself approves of the fluffy ponytail! What other arguments do you need to take a closer look at this hot trend of the season?

How it all started

In fact, 2022 is an important year for the plastic doll, which is the favorite of millions of girls around the world. Right now, Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig are working together on a film adaptation that takes Barbie into the 21st century. According to Robbie, the new project will refute all previously existing gender stereotypes around Barbie. Very intriguing!

New Barbie time

The iconic hairstyle of the doll migrated to real life and acquired a modern look. And how nice it is to at least briefly return to childhood and play a little — this time with your own image. The Barbie tail will look stylish, feminine and a bit retro.

What now?

Today, the Barbie tail is more relevant than ever. In 2022, this hair style is steadily gaining momentum, and now we see this hairstyle in everyone — from celebrities and top bloggers to models on the catwalk. And this means only one thing: soon the trend for a fluffy tail will go to the people. Do you remember how Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada described Andy the story of the blue sweater? So, it’s exactly the same story.


Hailey Bieber and other stars who choose budget brands

American model and wife of popular singer Justin Bieber Hailey poses in a Zara jumpsuit with Justin. Hailey Bieber, by the way, often combines women’s and men’s clothes in her wardrobe, which she takes from her husband Justin Bieber every now and then. And combining luxury and mass-market brands is generally a classic for her. Usually the combinations turn out to be a win-win — Hayley, thanks to her excellent sense of style, is called one of the main influencers of our time.

What’s the point?

The fact that the hairstyle is already breaking out into trends confirms one simple fact: Ariana Grande has become a fan of styling, and she is called the queen of ponytails. Yes, the girl loves to collect her hair up, and she always does it incredibly stylishly!

This season, all fashionistas copy the hairstyle of everyone’s favorite Barbie doll.

So we take the example of Grande and do fashionable styling. What is the main feature of Barbie’s tail? In an incredible volume and a large curl at the ends — it is this curl that gives the image a piquancy. The high position of the tail will add elegance to you. Such styling always looks finished, neat and not a bit boring.

Who is this tail for?

Yes, almost everyone! The most important thing is that you have the right mood, and the rest will follow. There is only one condition here: the length of your hair should be enough to collect them in a ponytail — and then it’s in the bag. Curling the ends will not take much time.

How to make a ponytail like Barbie?

Making a trendy ponytail is easy. Grab the instructions!

Life hack: the tail is easiest to collect on the hair «not the first freshness.» Immediately after washing, the strands simply fly apart, despite tons of styling products.

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Now let’s take a look at examples of Barbie ponytails and get inspired to create this season’s most trendy styling.

Play with parting

Try different parting options — Barbie’s tail will look very stylish with them.

Straight, side, circular — let your imagination run wild. You will see how the usual styling will sparkle with new colors. Believe and verify: the parting changes everything.

Short and sweet

Barbie tail is easy to make on medium length hair

If you think that you can’t make a Barbie tail on short hair, then look at this photo and make sure of the opposite. Inspired? Then go ahead — towards the experiments!


J. Lo has already chosen the trendy hairstyle of the season

Agree: on blond hair, the hairstyle looks completely different than on dark hair. And so you become even more like Barbie, because she is also a blonde.

bushy tail

The main feature of the Barbie tail is super volume and a curl at the ends

We share a secret: for an additional effect of splendor at the very base of the tail, you can use a small chignon.

Retro with ribbon

Hairstyle can be supplemented with various accessories

Just look how charming you can look if you add just one accessory to your hair! Choose a ribbon or a hoop. Pearls, silk, velvet, lace, satin… You are not limited by anything at all. And it is most convenient to fix the tape with invisibility.

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Game of contrasts

On blondes, the tail will look exactly like a Barbie

If you have blond hair, take a black elastic band. Play with contrast!

Only stars above

The ponytail is a great styling option for every day.

Extreme length and height — what you need in a special case. Don’t forget to add some diamond shine to the strands.

Photo: Getty Images, Social networks


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