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These tools mimic photoshop and Instagram filters*. They cover everything from deep wrinkles to severe breakouts and are inexpensive.

HD Liquid Radiance Foundation Catrice

Photo: Catrice

This liquid foundation contains filters at the base that visibly evens out the skin. Its oily texture hydrates, while its light coverage allows for multiple coats. A little life hack: it is best to apply such a foundation with a sponge.

Price: from 523 rubles

Matting foundation Matt Professional Eveline

Photo: Eveline

Mattifies oily sheen, dry skin and uneven facial features. This cream can adapt to the skin tone, plus it moisturizes due to hyaluronic acid and protects against aging (vitamins E and C work on this front).

Price: from 248 rubles

Fit Me Maybelline New York Foundation

Photo: Maybelline New York

Aimed at masking pores, skin imperfections and eliminating oily sheen. The tonalnik copes with these tasks easily, thanks to powder micro-particles that work like filters.

Price: from 267 rubles

BB Cream “Secret of Perfection” Garnier

Photo: garnier

Grapefruit, vitamin C + persistent mineral pigments = radiant, even skin without imperfections. This BB cream not only masks all imperfections, it charges the skin with vitamins, resists pigmentation and aging.

Price: from 267 rubles

Effaclar Duo La Rocher-Posay Tinting Cream

Photo: La Rocher-Posay

A real gift for owners of problem skin or acne. The tool perfectly dries inflammation, fights bacteria, mattifies the skin, pacifying the work of the sebaceous glands. The special antibacterial complex Aqua Posae Filiformis + Mannose, niacinamides, lipo-hydroxy and salicylic acids fight for the beauty of the skin. The cream can be used as a base or on its own.

Price: from 1266 rubles

Mattifying powder Noubamat Nouba

Photo: Nouba

Thanks to special pigments, it mattifies well and hides imperfections. Powder quickly adjusts to any skin tone

Price: from 1,900 rubles

Extreme Cover Foundation Pupa

Photo: Pupa

The tone has a fairly dense, but at the same time translucent coating, so it lies on the skin without the effect of a mask. The cream instantly evens out the relief, and also gives a pleasant citrus aroma.

Price: from 1399 rubles

Dermablend Vichy Corrective Fluid

Photo: Vichy

Light tonal fluid, thanks to special pigments, masks even the strongest acne. At the same time, it does not clog pores and lasts up to 16 hours.

Price: from 1591 rubles

Matting foundation Ton Mattin Vivienne Sabo

Photo: Vivienne Sabo

Makes the skin velvety, smoothes the complexion and moisturizes. The active ingredient of the cream is hyaluronic acid.

Price: from 358 rubles

Foundation Super Mat Yves Rocher

Photo: Yver Rocher

Suitable even for sports. The cream mattifies well and even absorbs sweat due to the natural component – Baikal skullcap powder. At the same time, the cream does not clog pores, evens out the relief well and lasts up to 12 hours.

Price: from 760 rubles


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