Sergey Zhigunov and Vera Novikova made an 8-meter thuja tree as a Christmas tree

Sergey Zhigunov with his family
Sergey Zhigunov with his family

Photo: Mark Steinbock

Perhaps the first place in the ranking of the most memorable Christmas trees was won by star spouses Sergey Zhigunov and Vera Novikovawhich decorated for the New Year 2006 … a giant eight-meter thuja.

Preparations for the celebration caused a commotion in the village of Abramtsevo – a real crane drove into the plot of the acting couple! The artist’s neighbors in their summer cottage were surprised: what kind of construction can there be in winter, because the repair of the mansion has long been completed ?! It turned out that Sergei needed the tower to decorate a huge tree growing in the garden.

Having risen in the crane cradle to an 8-meter height, Sergey examined the “Christmas tree” from above and made sure that the idea could be put into practice. And his wife Vera, daughters Nastya and Masha and mother Galina Ivanovna joined the work.

It took several bags of toys to decorate the thuja: dozens of plush dogs, painted wooden horses, kilograms of real bagels, tens of meters of garlands with multi-colored light bulbs.

Maria Sittel’s children help decorate the Christmas tree

Maria Sittel with her sons Kolya, Savva, Ivan and daughter Dasha
Maria Sittel with her sons Kolya, Savva, Ivan and daughter Dasha

Photo: Philip Goncharov

Famous TV presenter and mother of five children Maria Sittel

loves to arrange New Year’s holidays at home with gifts and surprises. And preparations for the celebration of the New Year, Maria and her husband Alexander Tereshchenko, usually begin a few months before its onset.

“Since the end of October, we have been gradually removing boxes with New Year’s toys, Christmas trees, decorations and other tinsel from the attic. The Christmas trees are already dressed up, it remains to decorate the house, ”admitted Sittel.

The family traditionally celebrates the New Year in Moscow, and her sons Ivan, Savva and Kolya and daughter Dasha help Maria to cope with the difficult task of decorating the New Year tree. For the celebration of the New Year 2015, the TV presenter with the children dressed up a very beautiful spruce.

“The guys and I cut out snowflakes, paper Christmas trees, gifts, make homemade garlands, paint Christmas balls,” says Maria. There are a lot of handmade things on our Christmas tree. My favorite holiday is Christmas, and I really love winter. In general, winter and New Year holidays for us are decorations, decorations … And a holiday every day.


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