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Deep Wrinkle Filler Apple Of Sodom Ahava

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The filling of this novelty is the Sodom apple. According to legend, God, angry with the city of Sodom and Gomorrah, destroyed everything except this plant. It looks very beautiful, but inside it is poisonous. As you know, any poison in homeopathic doses is useful, as Ahava brand scientists know. Based on the components of the Sodom apple, they managed to create a super-useful complex for the skin, which became the basis of the Apple Of Sodom Ahava anti-wrinkle filler. The filling of the product fights wrinkles, strengthens the frame of the face, preventing the appearance of jowls.

The filler is designed to remove wrinkles and mask them. Apply it after the cream exactly on the creases. The thin tip, similar to a syringe, will distribute everything easily. As a result, smooth young skin without wrinkles is provided to you.

Line Anew “Rejuvenation” 45+ Avon

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“Luxury Silk” face oil gel, “Peeling and Radiance” face mask-film, rejuvenating night face gel filled with gold and 7Sirutin formula, activate the work of 7 skin proteins, restoring its smoothness and elasticity, as after professional peeling procedures and a course of mesotherapy injections.

Artistry Signature Select Skin Serum

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The Artistry brand presents a real kit for alchemists, that is, those who like to mix something with something. Thanks to this designer, you will be able to create for yourself an individual serum according to the needs of the skin, which was previously possible only in the beautician’s office.

The set includes a universal base serum, to which you can choose up to three concentrates, which are then easily integrated into the base, like Lego.

There is a moisturizing concentrate that brightens (returns skin radiance), strengthens the skin frame, evens out tone (fights pigmentation).

Clinique ID System

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Another system that allows you to create a product according to the needs of the skin. Unlike the first one, here you can choose not one, but several bases: jelly for oily skin, moisturizing base for dry skin, moisturizing gel for combination skin.

There are as many as 15 cartridges to choose from in the base to solve various problems – from irritation to dull skin and expression lines. True, only one cartridge can be added to the base.

Cream-concentrate Youth Retinol Oil Concentrate Darphin

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This cream is loaded with anti-aging vitamin A. The cream contains 0.3 percent retinol, just right for home use. What problems does vitamin A solve: smoothes wrinkles, evens out complexion, exfoliates dead cells, launching a skin self-deposition program. The cream is best applied at night, as retinol increases the skin’s receptivity to the sun. During the day, use products with SPF.

Firming lifting mask Collagenes Lift 3D Dr. Pierre Ricaud

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This mask does a facelift in 15 minutes, no exaggeration. 3D proteins and 9 types of procollagen stimulate collagen production, cell metabolism, and strengthen the skin frame. The mask has a nice gel texture.

Hydro Cool Brightening Face Mask Skyn ‚Äč‚ÄčIceland

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Mask with wow effect in 10 minutes relieves pigmentation, post-acne, makes the skin radiant. Tea tree, vitamin C, licorice root extract, reduce melanin production, fight inflammation and signs of aging.

Baby Face Injection Mask Banobagi

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The mask with the effect of biorevitalization makes the skin soft, like a baby’s. Sunflower extract restores skin elasticity, smoothes it, nourishes and moisturizes, fights against premature aging.

Facial peeling gel with fruit acids AHA Basic BCL

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Allows you to do salon peeling at home without harm to the skin. As part of the product AHA-acids (fruit acids). They exfoliate dead cells, accelerate cellular metabolism, normalize skin respiration, dry out inflammation, fight bacteria, perfectly cleanse pores. This peeling is a real cleaning service for the skin, which returns a healthy color and radiance to the face.

Day fluid for instant skin radiance Nordic-C Lumene

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Can serve as an excellent base for make-up or act as a day cream. Plant extracts, vitamin C, E moisturize the skin, exfoliate dead cells, normalize blood microcirculation, return a healthy color to the face and even out the relief, as after peeling. At the same time, they do not affect the upper layers of the epidermis, do not damage them, do not cause peeling and pigmentation.


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