Every girl strives for perfect shapes and a beautiful body. In order to look slim, you need to pay attention not only to training and nutrition, but also to know fashion tricks. It is enough to properly organize your wardrobe to appear slimmer.

Choosing the right print – striped

Contrary to the myths about the dangers of a horizontal strip, it can help visually remove extra pounds, for this you need to give preference to a narrow strip. And turning to a vertical strip, it is better to choose a wide one. Dark stripes will mask the unnecessary, leaving a light stripe in the center, which, thanks to an optical illusion, will visually make the figure slimmer.


A feminine trick capable of lengthening the neck and elongating the upper torso. The correct V-shaped neckline helps to elegantly align the proportions.

Choosing the right fabrics

If you want to emphasize what you need and hide not the most winning accents of the figure, the right fabrics come to the rescue. Perfect fit natural – denim, cotton, silk. And jersey and cashmere hide extra centimeters. It is worth being afraid of artificial fabrics – synthetics will ruthlessly emphasize all the extra pounds and folds that you try so hard to hide.

Move the accent point

You always want to hide a problem area. Most often, women try to make it something big, whether it’s a bow in the abdomen or wide pockets on jeans. And this is a key mistake. Such elements, on the contrary, draw attention to problem areas. Try to avoid accents in those areas that you want to visually reduce. Fix the attention of others on your strengths.

Item by size

When buying a new thing, we often think that a thing a size larger will help hide some figure flaws. The other extreme is to buy a thing a size smaller, as an incentive to lose weight. Buy clothes here and now. Take your body for granted and focus on the strengths of your figure, don’t try to hide behind baggy clothes.

What should you include in your wardrobe?

Wrap dress

In the 1970s, Diane von Furstenberg came up with the perfect dress. At first, fashionistas were suspicious of this style, but soon realized that the thing was irreplaceable. The classic wrap dress, or wrap dress, gracefully emphasizes the neckline and waist, and thanks to soft pleats on the skirt hides extra pounds in the abdomen and hips.

Pencil skirt

Thing number one in order to make the figure visually slimmer. This style will help to reduce the hips, lengthen the legs and, of course, add femininity and confidence, which will also affect the way you look. Don’t be afraid to choose a pencil skirt if you’re petite. In this case, the most suitable option is with a high waist. A pencil skirt is paired with heeled shoes, so you can visually stretch the silhouette.

Well fitting jeans

Perfectly fitting jeans sometimes we only dream of. But to find a model in which you can both in a feast and in the world, and even which will be slim, is real. Pay attention to plain and loose-fitting dark denim jeans (avoid bright prints, appliqu├ęs, embroidery, which can draw attention to problem areas). High-rise or waist-cut jeans, such as boyfriend fit or mom, are among the successful models.

Suitable footwear – pumps

Classic boats are a universal model that fits everything and always, no matter what the plans are. Pointed shoes are also great helpers in the visual transformation of the figure. They lengthen the legs, make them slimmer and sleeker. And perfectly matched boats of flesh light will stretch your legs even more.

Don’t neglect decorations

Properly placed accents with the help of jewelry also work on our image. Collected hair and large earrings visually lengthen the neck. With the same task, long beads and necklaces do an excellent job. Rings and bracelets accentuate graceful wrists. Accessories help divert attention from problem areas, drawing attention to the strengths of the female figure. Enjoy it!


By Yara

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