In previous articles, we talked about indispensable gadgets for the kitchen and for the home. Our selection today contains practical accessories that will definitely come in handy in your bathroom.

1. Toothpaste dispenser

Wall mounted automatic toothpaste dispenser. Easily mounted on the wall and very easy to use. Ideal for children – limits the amount of extruded paste.

Price: 324 rub.buy with cashback

2. Moisture-absorbing dirt mat

Soft, non-slip, foam-filled bathroom rug made from fleece. Perfectly absorbs moisture, easy to clean and dries quickly. Size – 40 by 60 cm.

Price: 327 rub.buy with cashback

3. Sponge with a handle for cleaning the bathroom

A handy brush with a hard cleaning surface to remove plaque and rust from various surfaces. Leaves no scratches.

Price: 224 rub.buy with cashback

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4. Hair dryer holder

Wall mounted hair dryer holder made of brushed aluminium. Attaches with one screw. The spiral of the holder is flexible and easily adjusts to any hair dryer.

Price: 278 rub.buy with cashback

5. Leak Tape

Waterproof tape, which can be used to seal all places where water is most often poured.

Price: 265 rub.buy with cashback

7. Adjustable towel rack

Adjustable hook-and-loop towel rail with swiveling suction cups that attach securely to a flat, angled surface.

Price: RUB 236.62, buy with cashback

8. Soft toilet seat mat

Those who have a bathroom combined with a toilet should pay attention to the soft lining on the toilet seat, made of velvet that is pleasant to the touch.

Price: 135 rub.buy with cashback

9. Toilet paper holder with cell phone shelf

Another extremely useful thing for combined bathrooms is a paper holder with a shelf on which you can put a mobile phone or other small items.

Price: 496 rub.buy with cashback

10. Anti-vibration pads for washing machine

Non-slip and vibration-absorbing stands are a real find for owners whose washing machines are on tiles and constantly move out of place during operation. They also significantly reduce noise – the legs of a running machine no longer hit the floor.

Price: RUB 92.31buy with cashback

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