New Year 2021 is only a few months away. Now is the time to think about decor options for the main New Year symbol – the festive tree, and choose beautiful and matching Christmas tree decorations from our selection from AliExpress.

Luminous wire with mini-flashlights in the form of a wire with a length of 2, 5 or 10 meters. Runs on AA batteries or USB port. Nine color options are available – white, blue, red, green, yellow, pink, magenta, warm white and multicolor.

Price: from 199 rubles, buy with cashback

Delightful balls for a small Christmas tree – 4 cm in diameter. Each package contains 32 balls. 15 color options available.

Price: from 425 rubles, buy with cashback

Beautiful Christmas tinsel 200 cm long with red and gold bows, which will decorate your Christmas tree.

Price: from 45 rubles, buy with cashback

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Graceful wooden toys in the form of hearts, bells, snowflakes, stars, houses, etc.

Price: from 21 rubles, buy with cashback

LED garland with lamps in the form of snowflakes of different colors.

Price: 269 rubles, buy with cashback

Decorative cones that will become a bright decoration of the festive tree. Includes 6 cones in red, silver, green, gold, blue and purple.

Price: from 115 rubles, buy with cashback

A beautiful Christmas decoration for the Christmas tree in the form of transparent or multi-colored icicles.

Price: 207 rubles, buy with cashback

Artificial flowers will make the decor of your Christmas tree fabulous and unique. Includes 5 pieces.

Price: from 107 rubles, buy with cashback

Cute toys in the form of angels, Santa Clauses and snowmen, which will be a wonderful decoration for the Christmas tree.

Price: from 81 rubles, buy with cashback

One of the most popular Christmas tree decorations in the West.

Price: from 81 rubles, buy with cashback

Small decorative berries of red or white flowers with icing effect. On one branch – 40 berries.

Price: from 74 rubles, buy with cashback

Inflatable toys for the Christmas tree in the form of Santa Claus, snowman, deer, bear, penguin and boot.

Price: from 169 rubles, buy with cashback

The star is one of the most important elements of the Christmas tree decoration. To perfectly complete the decor of the tree, decorate it with a bright tip.

Price: from 61 rubles, buy with cashback

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