Maria Mikhalkova
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Lyubov Tolkalina and Egor Konchalovsky
Maria Mikhalkova has recently become more and more often the heroine of the gossip column. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, Maria became an adult, a week ago she turned 18 years old.

Secondly, the girl seems to have decided not only on her future profession, but also on the source of income. Her longtime passion – drawing in graphic style – now brings her a good income – Maria has made her unusual drawings prints of T-shirts and sweatshirts – clothes are now in demand not only among fans, but also among celebrities. Discuss Internet users and the appearance of Masha. This is a slender figure (and after all, a couple of years ago Masha was 20 kilograms more), and numerous tattoos …

Another reason to discuss the appearance of the star successor was the new image of Mikhalkova. Maria dyed her hair purple and straightened her curls, which made her hair look longer. To draw attention to her business, she posted a photo in a new image and a T-shirt with a new print. “So bewitching… You approach the mirror, and from a T-shirt they look at you intently, attentively… They kindly watch that nothing happens to you. They guard … ”Maria signed the picture. Subscribers to Mikhalkova’s personal microblog were delighted with her new image. “So summery! Very good! Suits you!” they wrote. Well, the few spiteful critics who criticized Masha for being too outrageous were reminded by the fans that youth is a time for experimentation. And if not now, then when?


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