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Very often, hair problems do not arise due to improper care or frequent styling, but because of the way you comb your hair. After all, during this process they are so easy to injure. Here are the most common mistakes.

You brush your wet hair

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Water weakens the molecular structure of the hair. And when you comb them, you can break them, confuse them, damage them. In a good way, the hair must first be dried, and then combed. But, if you are impatient, first apply oil to your hair, it will cover them with a protective layer, or a leave-in conditioner. Take a comb with soft bristles, wet it (so it will become even softer) and comb it slowly, starting from the tips.

You are trying to comb everything at once

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If you begin to roughly comb your hair from the roots, then break it, pull it out, make it brittle. Strands need to be combed in sections, starting from the tips and smoothly moving up. This way you won’t tangle your hair.

Do you often brush your hair from the roots?

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If you often comb your hair from the roots during the day, do not be surprised that it will soon turn into icicles. The fact is that at the roots a protective layer is formed on the scalp in the form of sebum. By combing your hair, you distribute sebum along the length of your hair. It coats the strands, makes it heavier, and as a result, the hair looks dirty. Comb your hair throughout the day from the middle, not from the roots.

You don’t wash your comb

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Particles of styling, sebum, keratinized scales from the scalp settle on the comb. It is an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. And, if you do not wash and do not clean the comb, dandruff and other diseases of the scalp are provided to you.

The comb should be brushed every day and washed thoroughly with shampoo once every two weeks. At this point, you should have another backup comb.

Do you use coarse combs?

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Stiff-bristled combs or iron combs can tear and break hair. Give preference to combs with soft bristles, and combs made of silicone and wood. The latter untangle the hair well.


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