5 life hacks to prevent your hair from fading in the sun
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Not all of us like to wear wide-brimmed hats or any other headwear in the hot sun. And it not only harms our skin, but also our hair. If you do not apply an SPF product, then you will burn in the sun, in the case of hair, UV rays will pull valuable collagen from the strands, which stimulates brittleness, as well as fading of the shade, so diligently created by the stylist.

How to preserve the color and health of the strands, especially if you went on vacation to our sea shores, where the sun is as active as in the tropics, he told Leonid Romanov, creative partner of L’Oreal Professionnel, art director of the French high fashion hairdressing association in Russia, founder of the Leonid Romanov Hair beauty space.

Pay attention to the “solar” care lines

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Ultraviolet itself does not harm the strands so much, but the sun evaporates moisture from the hair. In response to this, the scales open more strongly, and through them, as if through an open gate, valuable keratin and pigment come out (in case you dye your hair), as a result, the hair becomes dull and brittle. High air temperature enhances this effect. That’s why, for example, blondes often come back “yellow” from vacations.

1. Multiperfector Luster Lock K-Pak Color Therapy Joico Hair Spray. 2. Huile en Brume Solaire SPF 30 Clarins sun protection spray oil for body and hair. 3. Botanique Detox Tresemme Moisturizing Spray Conditioner with Coconut Extract and Aloe Vera. 4. Spray fixer for perfect styling “Instant Update” SPF 15 Natura Siberica. 5. Dr.Stern Hyaluronic Hair Shampoo.

Often even hats will not save you from the sun, for example, along the length of the strands. Then, in order to avoid losses, in particular color and hair, use special solar lines for the strands (marked sun). In the collection you will find shampoo, balm, leave-in spray, it can be lotion or serum.

1. Hair spray “Double protection” Satinique. 2. Multifunctional finalizer 12 in 1 Malecula X. 3. A leave-in veil spray for luminous blonde hair Total Results Hello Blondie Flash Filler matrix. 4. Shampoo rbleached hair regeneration Minute Miracle Pantene. 5. Nioxin 2 Depleted Hair System.

These products contain both oils and silicones, UV filters, they envelop the hair, create a protective breathable captivity that reflects the sun’s rays, preventing them from doing their dirty work.

1. Sun Spark Lotion Londa Professional sun protection lotion. 2. Protective-restoring hair oil Tropical Sublime Selective Professional. 3. Revitalizing hair conditioner Solar System Professional. 4. Shampoo Solar SublimeSerieexpert L’Oreal Professinnel.

These funds, by the way, protect not only from the sun, but also from chlorine, sand, salts and other minerals. After all, swimming in the sea or pool, as you know, also harms the hair. And, if you are a frequenter of a fitness club with a pool, you can use such funds all year round.

1. Ansaligy conditioner milk. 2. Spray-care for the protection of dyed hair with UV filter Invigo Sun Wella Professionals. 3. Sunscreen dry oil for body and hair Bariesun SPF50+ Uriage. 4. Aroma Syrups DEMI Professional Sunscreen Spray “Polar Star”.

Don’t Overuse Salt Sprays

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Lots of people wear curls and trendy hairstyles in the summer with salt spray. Yes, it holds styling well, amazing curls are obtained with it, but the composition of such a product dries the hair very much. Therefore, either use it less often, or combine it with hair oil that nourishes and moisturizes the strands.

Use a protective hair veil

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Just apply it on your hair for about 20 minutes. This is not a hair styling product, not a heat protectant, but a product that reflects UV rays. It can be in the form of a spray, cream, serum or lotion.

Take care of your scalp

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In summer, under the influence of high temperatures, the sebaceous glands on the scalp secrete more sebum, cells are renewed faster. To cleanse the skin of toxins and keratinized scales, as in the case of the face, use a special peeling for the scalp once a week. After the nutrition of the hair, their growth will improve.

Keep track of water temperature

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Wash your hair with room temperature water. Hot opens the scales, damages the skin of the head. Rinse your hair with cool water, which closes the hair scales, helping to retain color and nutrients in the core of the strands.


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