Gigi Hadid
Photo: @nailsbymarysoul

Kelly Osbourne – 1st place

Kelly Osbourne

Manicure for the 2012 Emmy ceremony cost Kelly a pretty penny. The black diamond nail polish and design cost Osbourne $250,000. However, the star did not stop there.

Kelly Osbourne
Photo: @kellyosbourne

Her appetite for the next event grew to a million dollars, which she spent on a manicure with white diamonds. Truly, they are girls’ best friends.

Rita Ora – 2nd place

Rita Ora

At the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards Rita Ora appeared in a dress that leaves no room for imagination, but she decided to dress up her nails to the fullest. To create a manicure, the singer chose Azature Black Diamond polish, famous for its black diamonds in the composition.

An additional touch was handmade diamond spiders, encrusted with rubies, which adorned several of Rita’s fingers. Such a manicure cost the star no less than 56 thousand dollars.

Rihanna – 3rd place


It is third in our rating, as she spent only 5 thousand dollars on a manicure for the Grammy 2012 ceremony, decorating two fingers with diamonds and rubies and choosing a varnish with 24 times gold.

Gigi Hadid – 4th place

Gigi Hadid
Photo: @nailsbymarysoul

Fading compared to previous stars and Gigi Hadid. For the Met Gala 2016, she went broke with just $2,000 for a manicure, choosing platinum polish and Swarovski crystals to decorate her nails.

Beyonce – 5th place

Photo: Screen youtube

beyoncé in our ranking receives the title of the most greedy. Indeed, for his gold manicure, created for the image of the queen for the promo video of the world tour Mrs. Carter Show world, she paid only $900. The real little things in life.


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