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In isolation, when beauty salons were closed, many girls remembered how they used to manage on their own: they began to do hair removal themselves, tinted and corrected their eyebrows, and some even cut their hair and, of course, did manicures. The most popular hashtag in quarantine was #manicureisolation. Those nail designs that appeared at that time in the social. networks, now “take to the streets.” Many people order from the masters exactly the trends from isolation. Basically, these are bright, uplifting designs. And since no one canceled the pandemic, and we are in a state of periodically rolling depression, a cheerful manicure will remain with us until autumn for sure. Here are the top trends for this season.

Manicure “Rainbow”

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Nothing captures the mood like bright colors. Nail masters consider multi-colored nails to be the most anti-stress design. It is advised to choose bright shades and paint each finger in a different tone.

Such a manicure stimulates to work, cheers up and even increases self-esteem. Real color therapy on nails.

But what about those who went to the office, and there is a strict dress code. Then I recommend that the nail masters take a closer look at the colors from the nude palette – combine beige and pink shades. Muted tones do not look catchy and make nails neat.


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The timeless classics of pastel shades of polishes – dusty pink, cappuccino, beige, champagne, were the most popular, and most importantly practical in isolation (after all, if the polish breaks off a little, it will not be noticeable against the general background).

These colors really make the nails neat, suitable for any length and shape. The main thing is to choose shades, focusing on your skin tone: a coffee palette will flatter golden skin, and muted pink tones will cool.

Color jacket

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Another interesting trend that was not mentioned for three whole seasons, but in isolation, the color jacket was just the way. The girls highlighted the smile line with different bright shades. Very often, the jacket was made in the ombre style, combining several tones at once.

It all looks bright, and yes, uplifting. This design looks best on long almond-shaped nails.

Lots of gold

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Usually this design is popular for the New Year holidays, but since the girls in isolation just lacked the feeling of a holiday, they turned their nails, literally, into jewelry, as if they were preparing for a party. Now the trends are to apply drawings with gold varnish, highlight nails with a top with sequins and glue forgotten rhinestones on them.

Manicure on half of the nail

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Design in the style of negative space, but in a simplified version. The task is to apply a transparent or light varnish on the entire nail and highlight only half with a bright shade. You can do this from the smile line to the middle of the nail, or vice versa from the moon (cuticle area). This design looks very original. We wrote about different variations of this manicure here.

Which trend would you like to try on yourself?


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