A business dress code is usually associated with strict rules and unshakable common truths that are not accepted to be violated. However, this does not stop designers – Maria Grazia Curie, creative director of Dior, has shifted everything in a new way and mixed business style with ethnicity in the cruise collection.

The eclectic collection was liked by fans of the brand. The collection was inspired by the Escaramusa, the Mexican female equestrians. At the heart of the cruise collection are recognizable things, but in a completely new interpretation. For example, the designer offers to wear a bar jacket with a pleated or thick cotton midi skirt. For the most daring – a variant with a colorful print, in folk style, or from translucent tulle. With the same skirts, it is proposed to wear a classic white shirt – an indispensable element of a business dress code. For trouser suit fans, there are options with prints on the trousers or a combination of beige trousers and a navy blue jacket, similar to that worn by bullfighters. Of the accessories, it is worth highlighting leather corsage belts and narrow ties that will be appropriate even in the most strict dress code.


By Yara

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