6 mistakes you make when applying lipstick
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If you want lipstick to stay on your lips during a kiss or after your first cup of coffee, watch carefully how you apply it. Surely you follow the well-established cliches, because of which the color literally evaporates from your lips as soon as you drink water.

You put lipstick on chapped lips

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Very often you do this to hide the defect that has appeared (that is, peeling), but, on the contrary, emphasize it. Moreover, lipstick is eaten faster from chapped lips, and they dry even more.

Half an hour before application, treat the skin with panthenol or petroleum jelly. Then blot and apply lipstick. And to keep your lips from cracking, drink more water, exfoliate your lips once or twice a week, and moisturize them with lip balm.

You don’t peel

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In order for the lipstick to be better distributed, the skin of the lips, as well as the face, must be cleaned of dead cells. A special peeling for the lips will help you with this. It is softer and more gentle, because the skin here is sensitive. Apply the composition and massage the lips in a circular motion. Then rinse. After, by the way, the lips will become a little plumper.

You are not using a contour pencil

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This life hack is relevant in the case of applying bright lipstick. To prevent it from spreading and going beyond the contours, and also to last longer, apply a pencil along the edge of the lips and on the lips themselves. Choose a shade a tone lighter than lipstick.

You’re using the wrong shade of lipstick

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No need to blindly follow trends, not every girl will suit, for example, a trendy purple tone, and someone should avoid scarlet red. In order not to get into trouble, consider your skin tone, and not the trends of the season.

So, if you have golden skin, avoid light and pale tones, almost all colors will suit the owners of an olive undertone, but berry and wine ones will look best, and porcelain dolls need to bypass lipsticks with a yellowish undertone and light ones.

You choose lipstick not for the size of your lips

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If you have, for example, small lips, and you want to make them plumper, trendy matte textures of lipsticks are not for you. You better pay attention to glossy and shimmery shades. But if you have plump lips, you can safely test matte textures. They slightly reduce the lips in size (make them denser).

You wear too much lipstick

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Many people think that the more layers of lipstick you apply, the longer it will last. This is not at all the case, besides, there is a risk that the lipstick will be imprinted on the teeth. By the way, bright lipsticks in shimmery textures often sin with this. To avoid fiasco, after application, bite your lips on a napkin.


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