There are ugly situations with hair, and it’s not just a variation on the theme “I forgot to wash my hair,” but the fact that hair can look dirty even the next morning after an evening hair wash.

The problem here lies not so much in some diseases, hormone surges or other medical aspects, but most often in your mistakes that you make in hair care.

You wash your hair too often


Owners of oily scalp, as a rule, have a head wash every day. The stylists say it’s wrong.

Thus, you wash off the natural moisturizing environment from the scalp, overdry it, and it triggers an even more active work of the sebaceous glands, due to which the hair can become dirty, literally, by the evening.

Ideally, you need to wash your hair no more than 4 times a week. Try to start doing this every other day, taking dry shampoo as a partner, then after two. Within a month, the balance in your scalp will improve.

You don’t wash your comb


A comb is the same dust collector as the furniture in the room. Only in addition to dust, the remnants of styling, sebum from the scalp settle on it. If you do not wash your comb for a long time, this cocktail becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which not only provokes increased oiliness of the scalp, but also causes inflammation with dandruff.

Make it a rule to wash your comb with soap or shampoo, after cleaning it of hair, once, and preferably twice a week.

You don’t peel


It is important to clean thoroughly not only the skin of the face, but also the head. And peeling is capable of this. As in the case of the face, it is better to do it at least twice a week. Peeling well removes a film of dead cells mixed with sebum and styling residues from the surface of the scalp, which ordinary shampoo is not able to rinse. How to choose a peeling for the head, we wrote here.

You use heavy styling


Oil-based styling, heavy texture, like mousses, clog the pores of oily scalp. Instead, it is better to use light fluids, sprays for styling. The main thing is that there are no oils in the composition.

You apply balm to your scalp


Balms and hair masks should be applied exclusively along the length. They serve to smooth the cuticle of the hair and strengthen it along the length. But, in the composition of balms and masks there are silicones. If you apply these products on the scalp, they create an impermeable film through which the sebum cannot get to the surface, which disrupts the nutrition of the scalp. As a result, such manipulations can lead to increased oily skin, inflammation and hair loss.

You comb your hair too often


Owners of oily scalp need to comb their hair less often from the roots, it is better only along the length. The fact is that by correcting your hair in this way, you distribute the sebum from the scalp along the length of the hair. Therefore, do not be surprised if they turn into icicles during the day.


By Yara

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