In past articles, we talked about chic and inexpensive sandals, bracelets, swimwear and handbags. Our selection today includes stunning women’s dresses and sundresses that you can buy with cash back on AliExpress.

1. Polka Dot Maxi Dress

A bright and stylish women’s floor-length dress with short sleeves, a thigh-high slit and a deep v-neckline. Excellent emphasizes the chest and waist, giving your image femininity and sexuality.

Price: 326 rub.buy with cashback

2. Sundress with a fluffy skirt

Romantic sundress just below the knee length with beautiful buttons and deep and roomy pockets. The fabric is dense, does not electrify and does not stick to the legs. The straps are not adjustable.

Price: 656 rub.buy with cashback

3. Bohemian shirt dress

Gorgeous dress with multicolour stripes, long sleeves and belt. The bottom is figured – an arc, there are no pockets, the fabric is thin. Length is just above the knee.

Price: 575 rub.buy with cashback

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4. Dress with floral print

Light and beautiful floor-length dress with ruffles and v-neck. The color (green or black) is very saturated, the pattern is small white flowers.

Price: 692 rub.buy with cashback

5. High Waist Mini Dress

Airy white mini dress with thin spaghetti straps, high waist, v-neckline and back zip.

Price: 874 rub.buy with cashback

6. Vintage dress with short sleeves

Delicate cotton dress with buttons, belt and v-neck. Length almost to the knee. Three colors are available: beige, green and red. Can be worn with both sandals and sneakers.

Price: 921 rub.buy with cashback

7. Boho style tunic

Light and beautiful chiffon dress with short sleeves and floral print. Perfect for walking and parties.

Price: 439 rub.buy with cashback

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