In the last article, we introduced readers to the best beauty products for wrinkles, acne and bags under the eyes from AliExpress. In today’s selection – protection, nutrition and strengthening of weakened and prone to hair loss with SoColor, which restore their natural strength, making combing easier and making hair beautiful and healthy. Using the promo code 7days20, you will receive a 20% discount on all products without a limit on the amount until the end of June.

1. Strengthening shampoo for weak and prone to hair loss

Photo: SoColor

A unique shampoo that gently cleanses, restores and strengthens the structure of thinning fine hair, making it noticeably denser and well-groomed. Tested under dermatological control.

Price: 1756 rubles, buy with cashback

2. Cream mask for express hair restoration

Photo: SoColor

The product instantly and directly acts on dry and damaged areas of the hair, giving the hair softness and shine. Ideal for all hair types, including colored hair.

Price: 1392 rubles, buy with cashback

3. Conditioner with vitamins for colored hair

Photo: SoColor

A professional formula with resveratrol, a natural polyphenol derived from the skin of grapes, protects color-treated hair from fading for up to 8 weeks and protects the hair fiber from external damage. Makes hair easier to comb, making it stronger, softer and more hydrated.

Price: 1071 rubles, buy with cashback

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4. Revitalizing milk for hair protection

An anti-frizz remedy. Heat-sealing effect: smoothes the material of the hair, gives incredible shine, facilitates the styling process. Strengthens hair, preparing it for blow-drying and other stylers.

Price: 2295 RUB, buy with cashback

5. Strengthening mask for weakened and prone to hair loss

Photo: SoColor

Intensely nourishes, detangles and strengthens weak and prone to hair loss, reducing the risk of hair loss due to breakage. Hair looks beautiful and healthy.

Price: 2920 RUB, buy with cashback

6. Nourishing oil to protect against drying out

Photo: SoColor

A product to protect against drying out of hair, as well as to nourish and create a radiant, silky hair texture. Oil is applied at the end of styling as a final touch. It should be applied to damp hair, along the entire length, focusing on the tips. Wait a little, about 1 minute, then proceed with styling.

Price: 1149 rubles, buy with cashback

7. Strengthening milk for weak and prone to hair loss

Photo: SoColor

The product acts on the fibers of weakened and prone to hair loss and restores their natural strength, reducing the risk of falling out due to brittleness. Works instantly to leave hair strong and soft without weighing it down.

Price: 2624 rubles, buy with cashback

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