Can’t decide what to present to your loved one for the New Year 2020? Then choose universal and proven gifts from our selection today, which will definitely suit any man, regardless of his professional activities and hobbies.

A leather wallet is one of the best gifts for a beloved man for the New Year 2020. According to popular beliefs, before handing it in a purse, you must definitely put a few bills and a “lucky coin” (for example, 10 rubles), and then such a gift will attract wealth and good luck to its new owner . But they don’t give an empty wallet for the main winter holiday – it is believed that because of such a present, a person will experience material difficulties during the year.

Price: 1799 RUB, buy with cashback

A stylish ballpoint pen is a gift that will come in handy for any man. It is reliable, easy to use, does not get dirty and is suitable for everyday use. The Elite Pen is an accessory designed to become a real style element.

Price: 1875 rubles, buy with cashback

11 chic Christmas decorations for home and Christmas tree from AliExpress

11 chic Christmas decorations for home and Christmas tree from AliExpress


Another useful gift for a man for the New Year will be a shaving set from the world’s leading brand. The gift set includes a stand, shaving gel, a razor and 4 replaceable cassettes.

Price: 1900 rubles, buy with cashback

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If your man goes in for sports, decided to get in shape, or just moves a lot, give him a practical present – a smart bracelet. The usefulness and convenience of this device is difficult to overestimate. The gadget allows you to determine the heart rate, as well as find out the number of steps taken and calories burned during training. Fast synchronization with a smartphone is possible.

Price: 2290 RUB, buy with cashback

The compact coffee grinder will be a wonderful gift for coffee lovers. Device pallows you to grind grains in a matter of seconds, even at maximum load, and will perfectly fit into the interior of any kitchen.

Price: 1088 rubles, buy with cashback

The life of modern people is inextricably linked with long trips by public transport. High-quality wireless earbuds will help brighten them up, which, at a relatively low price, provide decent sound quality for music.

Price: 1649 rubles, buy with cashback

10 useful accessories for pets from AliExpress

10 useful accessories for pets from AliExpress


Another constant companion of modern people is chronic fatigue. Not all men have the opportunity to visit a massage therapist. A compact massager will help get rid of clogged muscles at home. Atthe device is capable of performing various types of massage: acupressure, mechanical, vibration massage. It has an effective effect on tissues, helps relieve muscle tension, improve blood flow and tighten the body.

Price: 2047 rubles, buy with cashback

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