The very word “minipolis” does not raise questions. It is formed by analogy with the “megalopolis”: “mini” means “small” (lat.), “polis” – “city” (ancient Greek). However, this is not just a word, but a whole social and urban planning concept developed by City-XXI Century. The team of specialists who worked on the creation of mini-cities took into account, perhaps, everything that a person needs for a comfortable and happy life.

What do residents of megacities get tired of? From the eternal noise of thousands of cars, from the lack of fresh air – not everyone is lucky to live near a park or forest, far from the hustle and bustle and crowds … And then the main thing becomes the search for a rear where you can really relax, feel comfortable and cozy. Residential quarters of mini-cities appear in quiet, ecologically clean places. The green area next to which you live turns into an amazingly beautiful park where you can walk, admiring nature, play sports, breathe really fresh, without any conventions, air.

Such is the new minipolis in Opalikha (this is the Krasnogorsk urban district) with the poetic name “8 Maples”. There just now began selling apartments. The beauty of this place cannot be described in one word. However, first things first.

Each minipolis is a “city within”. A whole team of company specialists worked on the concept of the project and its implementation. This is not a typical district building, but an almost individual project made for people.

So, for example, it was decided to build low-rise houses in “8 Maples”: 4 – 6 floors, which favorably distinguishes the project from ordinary new buildings in Moscow and the region. This eliminates the “anthill effect” that most people who choose real estate do not like so much.

There are also no problems with parking in mini-cities. There is a convenient underground parking, and the yards are completely free from cars. This will certainly be appreciated by moms and dads: you don’t have to worry that the child will run out onto the roadway.

“The indisputable advantage of the 8 Maples minipolis is its intimacy,” says Maria Mogilevtseva-Golovina, City-XXI Century Product Director. – Variable number of floors, only 4-6 floors, is extremely rare today. Ergonomic layouts and excellent view characteristics, developed infrastructure – this is not a complete list of the advantages of our new minipolis. The project has been preparing to enter the market for a long time, and we have invested our best experience and the most daring ambitions into it, we are confident that we will not only meet the expectations of customers, but also anticipate them.”

Layouts for every taste: there are apartments for one, there are apartments for a large family. All houses have large windows, high ceilings, Finnish elevators, convenient through entrances… The windows of the apartments face three cardinal directions. Enlarged window openings 2.25 m high allow you to enjoy beautiful views of the park, well-maintained ponds and the pedestrian promenade. By the way, 50 percent of the apartments in the complex have views of the park.

In the 19th century, the territory of “8 Maples” was not for long the possessions of Prince Yusupov. This inspired the company to create a truly noble architecture: natural materials in elegant tones (gray, graphite, milky beige) create a mood of peace and aristocratic serenity.

The wording “developed infrastructure” can be found in the description of any new residential complex. Only developers are often cunning, describing projects that are only planned to be opened or built (and it is not a fact that this will be done in the end). “City-XXI century” takes responsibility for the social infrastructure of the districts and brings them to life. It is very important! Projects of yards and playgrounds were developed jointly with expert psychologists and specialists from well-known landscape bureaus. The infrastructure in 8 Maples is such that everything you need is nearby: a school, a kindergarten, shops with essential goods, cafes, pharmacies, salons, personal services and even a separate guest parking. It is interesting that the residents of the complex themselves can take part in choosing shops and, for example, cafes located on the territory of the minipolis.

Communications in the minipolis are new, roads are good. The development of transport links is also an indispensable condition for a comfortable life. From here it is convenient to get at least to the center of the capital and also return home. Lots of options. At a minimum, the Volokolamsk Highway passes in the northern part of Opalikha, and the Riga direction of the Moscow Railway and the MCD-2 line (Opalikha platform) in the southern part.

Due to the convenient location of the houses, which form closed contours, the yards here are quiet and safe. Younger schoolchildren no longer need to be led for a walk by the hand: children play on their own, and parents calmly go about their business, looking out the window from time to time to watch their daughters and sons play on the playgrounds. No noise and exhaust gases under the windows, no cars on the playground and puddles of gasoline near the flower beds. Quiet, calm, clean – and, most importantly, safe.

From the outside world, “8 Maples” is reliably protected by a fence, and automatic barriers are installed at the entrance and exit, which can be controlled both from key fobs and from a security post. Surveillance cameras transmit images simultaneously to the control room and to the Safe Region system.

By the way, residents of the minipolis “8 Maples” do not have to spend time and money to take their children to additional classes, and they do not need to go to the neighboring area for yoga, dancing, sports or an art studio. All classes are right here – in a neighboring club. And “for their own” – much cheaper than in Moscow or Krasnogorsk.

The neighborhood club, which, by the way, is in every minipolis, was created to strengthen good neighborly relations. Here you can meet, chat, hold master classes, sporting events, celebrate birthdays.

And it also helps you make money. For example, teachers living in the minipolis can teach here, and all residents of 8 Maples are offered special conditions for renting commercial premises. Thus, the developer company provides support to small businesses.

In the Opalikhovsky forest park, near which the minipolis is located, nature is rich: here you can find rare plants, watch animals listed in the Red Book.

Also, City-XXI Century will invest 100 million rubles in the improvement of a new park next to the residential complex, the windows of the minipolis houses overlook it. And for this, a competition was organized among professional architectural bureaus. The concept of the Asadov bureau won, for which the majority of Opalikha residents voted. The territory of the park with an area of ​​about 4 hectares is divided into two parts – a forest with linden alleys and mirror ponds. The forest part of the park will house modern functional areas for residents of all ages.

In a word, the minipolis “8 Maples” is a dream that is easy to fulfill. “Happiness to live” is not just words. These are good neighborliness and family values, care for the environment and a healthy lifestyle. Life in a minipolis is life in warm, cozy houses with the right atmosphere, where it is good to raise children and take care of parents.

The issue of ecology in our time is quite acute. Minipolis “8 Maples” is certified according to the Green Zoom City environmental standard. It was developed according to the European model, but for the Russian climate. Thanks to this standard, you can significantly save on lighting, water supply and heating. Instead of conventional lamps, LEDs are used, heat meters and thermostats help to use less resource for heating. This is also facilitated by special double-glazed windows with increased heat and noise insulation.

Partner material LLC “SPECIALIZED DEVELOPER “8 MAPLE” (with project declaration can be found on the website: 8klenov.rf). Renders provided by “City-XXI century”.


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