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The main symbol of the coming year is a yellow earthen pig. As we found out from Feng Shui fans and astrologers, the pig does not have a pretentious taste – she loves all the best at once. So by incorporating more glitter and bright tones into your makeup, you can’t go wrong. We offer interesting make-up options using the examples of stars, get inspired and create an image at your discretion.

Emerald accents

Lucy Hail
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The pig favors the color green. You can choose it or the trendy shade of the next season – emerald. Apply it on the moving eyelids, like the actress Lucy Hale, this option is suitable for owners of brown eyes, or use it as an accent, for example, emphasize the mucous membrane of the lower eyelid or make arrows. You can combine emerald with shadows in sandy-golden tones.

Photo: Guerlain, Pupa

1. Guerlain Electric Look Eyeshadow Palette. 2. Rock Rose Metalmatt Lip Fluid Pupa.

Glitter of gold

Bella Hadid
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The symbol of the new year patronizes the yellow and gold hue, so add some precious accents to your look. Here you can not be particularly sophisticated.

For example, make golden winged eyeliner like Bella Hadid, accentuate the inner corner of the eye with golden shadows to add sparkle to the look, or highlight the entire eyelid by adding brown tones to the kit. In combination with a golden accent on the eyes, a lip gloss with golden particles looks good. Will be a precious person at the celebration.

Photo: Maybelline new york, divage, kiko

1. Maybelline New York Total Temptation Eyeshadow. 2. Holo lips Divage holographic lipstick. 3. Mono shadow Sparkling Holiday Kiko Milano

Hollywood image

Gigi Hadid
Photo: @gigihadid

Create the image of a Hollywood diva. Get a dress with sequins, make a smoky eye makeup with a metallic effect. You can take shades not metallic, but with a satin finish or sparkles, loose your hair or make a high ponytail, and highlight your lips with nude lipstick. Diva is ready.

Photo: Dolce&Gabbana, Romanovamakeup

1. Shadows Peffect mono eye shadow Dolce&Gabbana. 2. Sexy Lipstick Pen Romanovamakeup.

living coral

Katy Perry
Photo: @katyperry

Use the trendy color of the season in the image, as I did
Katy Perry. Apply coral eye shadow, coral blush on your cheeks, and coral lipstick on your lips. Get a trendy rejuvenating look.

Photo: Yver Rocher, Too Faced

1. Eye shadow palette Palette Regard Nuit Etoilee Yves Rocher. 2. Blush Peach My Cheeks Blush Too Faced.

shine effect

Jennifer Lopez
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At the New Year’s holiday, you can simply shine like a star, for example, like J. Lo. The singer always wears strobing makeup on the red carpet. In this technique, all skin imperfections are first masked with a foundation, blush is applied, and then a highlighter is applied to prominent points (back of the nose, center of the forehead, chin, cheekbones).

Strobing adds a healthy glow to the skin, so you need to focus on the face. In eye makeup, use only mascara and a contour pencil (make classic arrows), in lip makeup lipstick a little darker than your natural pigment.

Photo: Catrice, Max Factor, Vivienne sabo

1. Highlighter Light In A Box Highlighter CATRICE. 2. concealer
Radiant Lift Max Factor. 3. Highlighter Merci Vivienne Sabo.

cat arrows

Kendall Jenner
Photo: @kendalljenner

If there is no time for a full-fledged make-up with all the bells and whistles, just apply a tone, blush and make trendy cat arrows by adding mascara to the eyelashes in one layer. A charming look will become the main character of your makeup, and it alone will be enough to captivate guests.

Photo: Maybelline New York, Dolce & Gabbana

1. Countdown Maybelline New York lipstick. 2. Glam Liner Sweet Holidays Dolce&Gabbana.

bright lipstick

Kylie Jenner
Photo: @kyliejenner

The second version of the series quickly» – with an emphasis on the lips. Work out the relief of the face with a foundation, emphasize the eyebrows with a matching brow gel, apply a nude shade pencil on the lips and along the contour, and then red or berry lipstick of the tone that suits you. You will receive a complete festive look.

Photo: Artistry, Benefit

1. Lipstick ARTISTRY STUDIO. 2. Geyebrow spruce 3D Browtones Benefit.


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