8 remedies for acne on the body that will help you get rid of them faster
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Everyone can pop out a pimple or even a whole scattering on the body, especially in the heat. Especially from this “invasion” owners of oily skin can suffer. Because in hot weather, the sebaceous glands are at their peak of activity, trying to moisturize the skin, which is losing moisture.

Taking a shower several times a day is also a way, but it will not help to completely get rid of the “hordes” of inflammation, you need to follow a few more rules.

Stay away from synthetics for good. Polyester especially hits the skin in the heat, and from it, reducing the cost of production, they love to sew supposedly summer dresses. Synthetics cause a greenhouse effect, due to which microbes accumulate in the pores.

Second – read the composition of care products. The composition should not contain silicones and lanolin (moisturizing ingredients that are obtained from sheep wool). They cover the skin with a film and do the same thing as synthetic clothes – they cause a greenhouse effect. The only exception is the owners of dry skin: lanolin (as well as light silicones) in their care is suitable for them. The sebaceous glands in the owners of this type of skin work poorly, and the dermis has a very thin protective film, which can be replaced by the above-mentioned components.

For combination and oily dermis, lanolin is contraindicated. It should not be not only in body care cream, but also in shower gel. Because it’s a very cheap moisturizer, it’s used everywhere, so be sure to read the ingredients of what you buy.

And finally, the third: use special care products for problem skin, which will help to dry out inflammation faster and prevent their reappearance.

Cleansing gel for face and body with salicylic acid Anti-Acne Cleansing Gel Aravia

The gel contains salicylic acid, which easily deals with bacteria and dries up inflammation. The complex of moisturizing ingredients stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.

Don’t Touch My BHA Exfoliating Lotion

A trio of salicylic acid, mandelic acid and niacinamide dissolves dirt in pores, fights inflammation and post-acne spots.

Tonic “Avocado” Eden

Glycolic acid takes on the main function of fighting inflammation and blackheads. By the way, it is the softest of the existing ones. Avocado in the composition moisturizes and nourishes the skin, does not allow it to dry out.

Shower gel LIPIKAR La Roche-Posay

Can be used on the most sensitive skin. Contains no silicones or lanolin. But there is niacinamide (relieves itching), shea butter (moisturize, restores the protective layer of the skin), La Roche-Posay thermal water with a high content of selenium (softens and moisturizes the skin, neutralizes the action of free radicals).

Sulfate-free shower gel “Gentle cleansing” M.AKLIVE

Root extract Cognac Mannan, soft surfactants resist dryness, peeling. And against the background of dryness and dehydration of the skin, inflammation can also occur.

Almond Shower Oil L’Occitane

Almond oil is non-comedogenic and does not cause inflammation. But it well supports the hydrolipidic mantle of the skin, because if it is thinned, bacteria easily penetrate into the skin. So moisturizing and cleansing at the same time is what you need if you have inflammation on your body. Almond oil is not pure oil. The composition contains soft surfactants, due to which, upon contact with water, the texture turns into a gentle foam.

Natural shower gel from the Aromatherapy Body Relax Botavicos series

This is a cocktail of natural non-comedogenic oils that restore the skin, cleanse it well, maintain its hydro-lipid balance, the violation of which threatens to cause inflammation. Contains jojoba oil, rose essential oil.


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