Eventually, we will all age, and no amount of plastic surgery or injections will stop the natural process. Wrinkles, of course, will come to us and the face will change, even if it is redrawn (or it will even get worse). The question is, when will the withering process begin? And here experts are willing to bet that aging can be slowed down. Don’t miss this opportunity. Experts told why we age, including prematurely, and how to delay the process of withering.

as we age


Aging is an inevitable process, because everything fades. For each of us, this happens individually and depends on genetics, lifestyle, how we groom and cherish our skin. The process does not occur immediately, but gradually, at each stage in different layers of the skin.

“The outer layer of the skin or epidermis depends on the synthesis of hyaluronic acid in it. With a decrease in its amount in this layer, premature aging occurs. The next layer behind the epidermis is the dermis. This is where collagen is synthesized. If the quantity and quality of its fibers deteriorates, the elasticity of the skin decreases. There is a sagging effect, like a mattress with stretched springs. The dermis is followed by the hypodermis, which is made up of fat cells (adipocytes). With a decrease in the number of adipocytes, the thickness of the hypodermis decreases. As a result, there is a lack of volume in the skin, and the fleas reveal themselves to the world, ”says Karina Pushkova, cosmetologist, dermatovenereologist, specialist in repair age at the Estelab clinic.

Reasons for aging

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Premature aging occurs due to banal things, and most often we ourselves are to blame for this. So, wrinkles and flails appear if you:

Don’t use retinol

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Retinol is the very rejuvenating apples from a fairy tale. We all need this component after 25 years. Vitamin A in cosmetics exfoliates the skin well, stimulates the production of collagen, the dermis’ own hyaluronic acid, and strengthens the rear. But it is better to use products with retinol under the supervision of a cosmetologist.

1. Night elixir for the area around the eyes “Instant Skin Reboot” L’Occitane. 2. Massage oil for face ANNA GALE. 3. Age Protect Uriage multifunctional wrinkle filler. 4. Gentle cleanser Experalta Platinum. 5. Cream Le Decollete Rivoli. 6. Redermic Retinol La Roche-Posay intensive concentrated anti-aging care.

“You need to watch how your skin reacts to retinol. To do this, the doctor must choose a competent course therapy regimen, and monitor when to take a break from using such strong cosmetics. Another important nuance is that after applying drugs with retinol, you should use a cream with UV protection. In order to prevent the appearance of pigmentation, ”Karina warns.

Do not apply cosmetics on the neck and décolleté

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The skin in the neck and décolleté area is thinner and more sensitive, more often wrinkles appear here than on the face. And this happens because this area is not cared for enough.

1. Aravia Vitamin C Wash. 2. Regenerating, rejuvenating cream for the neck and décolleté Extra-Firming Clarins. 3. Mask “Instant transformation” for the skin of the face and décolleté ILONA LUNDEN. 4. Patches for the neck and décolleté Hydro Cool Firming Neck Gels Skyn ​​Iceland. 5. Means for the care of the neck and decollete EISENBERG. 6. Cream Skin Life Lancaster.

“Be sure to buy cosmetics marked for the neck and décolleté. Products for this zone have a unique composition. The skin here is thinner and less oily, so creams for the neck and décolleté are dominated by extracts from oils, hyaluronic acid, SPF filters for sun protection,” says Karina Pushkova.

Do not care for the area around the eyes

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The area in the eye area is even more delicate than the skin in the neck and décolleté area, and the most vulnerable on the face. The area around the eyes needs to be looked after in a special way, because it is constantly subjected to overstretching (make-up, make-up removal, three eyes). Due to fatigue and lack of sleep, the “panda effect” easily occurs here. To prevent wrinkles and dark circles or eliminate problems, use creams or fluids for the skin around the eyes with hyaluronic acid, peptides, antioxidants, caffeine.

1. Hyaluron Clinic Eveline Anti-Wrinkle Deep Moisturizing Cream. 2. Firming care against the signs of aging at different stages of the formation of Slow Age Vichy. 3. Peeling tonic Galactomy Trimay. 4. Ideal Resource Restorative Bright Eye Cream Darphin.5. Protective cream SPF 30 Herbalife Skin.

1. Mixit Blue Retinol Complex Serum. 2. Face cream Seaweed pro-collagen SPF 30 Elemis. 3. Cream-peeling Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher Nu Skin. 4. Lift & Repair Eye Contour Lift Patches. 5. Serum with hyaluronic acid Hyaluronic Acid Serum EGIA.

Do not use acids

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Regular washing and cleansing of the face with tonic is great. But this is not enough. The fact is that with age, the process of exfoliating dead skin cells slows down. As a result, it becomes overgrown with a shell of keratinized scales, which interferes with the normal supply of nutrients to the skin. She begins to fade faster under “such a load”.

1. Librederm Intensive Vitamin C Serum. 2. Moisturetrip GlamGlow Omega Moisture Cream. 3. Gel for washing with vitamin C Beauty Visage. 3. Anti-aging universal gel Koi-Gokujyun 3D HADALABO.

1. Nordic Skin Peel Skyn ​​Iceland exfoliating pads. 2. Toning face mask “Energy” Vitamin C Faberlic. 3. Peeling discs with FRUDIA grapes. 4. Liquid peeling with AHA-acids “Renovation and Radiance” Dr. Pierre Ricaud. 5. Serum “Time Expert” Sesretinal Mature Skin Sesderma.

Cosmetics with acids will help in the destruction of the keratinized shell – these can be peelings, night creams. Acids are generally best used at night. They not only cleanse the skin, but also trigger the synthesis of collagen.

1. Elixir Jeunesse Yves Rocher dual action essence for youthful skin. 2. Cleansing facial gel with fruit acids AHA Sensitive BCL. 3. Cream-emulsion “Intensive moisturizing” Ninelle. 4. Fresh mix sheet mask with vitamin C concentrate Garnier. 5. Moisturizing day cream Yuzu Sorbet Erborian.

Don’t pay attention to your lips

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With age, the lips decrease in volume, wrinkles appear on them. This area is also subject to aging. To maintain the volume and elasticity of the lips, be sure to take care of them.

1. Lip balm “Hyaluronic filler” Librederm. 2. Lip balm with pomegranate 3 in 1 FRUDIA. 3. Moisturizing face lotion SPF 25 CeraVe. 4. Blistex lip balm. 5. Sun protection mineral fluid for the face Mineral Fluid SPF 50 Clinique.

“Once a week or less often (depending on the need), massage your lips with a light gommage, then apply honey for 10 minutes, and after the honey mask, serum and nourishing cream (you can use the same as for the area around the eyes). And don’t forget to use SPF regularly. It can and should be applied even under lipstick or gloss,” recommends Irina Vakhitova, cosmetologist at the TORI Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

Do not use products with SPF

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The sun is both friend and enemy of our skin. Therefore, you need to use cosmetics with SPF all year round (we wrote about this in more detail here).

“SPF protection is always recommended. In the city, SPF 30 is enough. If you walk for a long time, go on a picnic, spend a vacation in the mountains or at the sea, apply SPF 50 or even higher. This will be a good prevention of premature photoaging of the skin and the appearance of age spots,” advises Irina.

Sleep on the wrong underwear

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What we sleep on is also important for our skin. See for yourself: cotton underwear stretches it, synthetics do not let you breathe. Silk is ideal for skin. So be sure to stock up on pillowcases made from this fabric.

Skin cushion is also important. The anatomical shape will prevent the formation of folds and wrinkles on the face while sleeping on your side.

Not drinking enough water

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For skin health, not only cosmetic care is important, but also care from the inside. Therefore, it is very important how much you drink during the day. A minimum of 1.5-2 liters of liquid is necessary for the dermis to produce its own hyaluronic acid and self-moisturize. This will help prevent the early appearance of wrinkles.


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