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Such an unpleasant circumstance for appearance as acne on the face may have more than one reason, or even two. In general, we found 10. After all, in order to get rid of acne on the face, it would be nice to first find out why they appear acne.

If you notice them on your face, then you should not immediately lose heart and fall into despair, because up to 80 percent of the inhabitants of our planet face a similar problem. Doesn’t that comfort you? It is not surprising, but there is one plus in this figure – the more common a disease is, the more methods of dealing with it are invented by mankind. And acne is exactly that disease, the scientific name of which is acne, and it manifests itself in the improper production of sebum (or sebum), when its excess clogs the pores. However, the concept of “acne”, that is, rashes on the skin, includes not only acne, but also acne, which differ in a slightly different nature of occurrence. If we talk about acne, then we are dealing with a sebaceous plug, the contents of which in the form of keratinized skin particles, when interacting with oxygen, acquire a dark gray color – the so-called black dots appear. But a pimple is also the result of a blockage of the sebaceous gland, but it is distinguished from a black dot by inflammation, red color and a white head of purulent contents.


  • One of the main reasons- hormonal imbalance. The fact is that male sex hormones (for example, testosterone) increase the production of sebum by the body, and female (estrogens), on the contrary, suppress it. And if the content of male sex hormones in the blood is increased, then very often this leads to excessive production of sebum and blockage of pores – which is why we most often face the problem of acne and acne in adolescence, precisely during puberty, when hormones are raging, and the body is radically rebuilt, saying goodbye to childhood.

  • Hormonal disruptions can lead to acne even in adulthood, the cause of such a malfunction can be an elementary stress. The body, subjected to overload, produces the hormone cortisol, which in turn stimulates increased production of sebum, due to which the pores become clogged and inflamed.

  • Bad heredity: not only stress leads to hormonal imbalances in the body – such a nuisance as an unhealthy hormonal background can be received as a gift from parents.

  • Critical days – at this time, hormones can also rage, which will lead to stimulation of sebum production.

  • Improper nutrition – if your daily menu contains too much fatty, floury, fried and sweet, but there are few healthy high-fiber foods, then don’t expect good things: not only excess weight may appear, but the reflection of the face in the mirror will cease to please.

  • The next reason is diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – directly follows from the previous one, because problems with the gastrointestinal tract very often occur against the background of an unbalanced menu. Here the mechanics is simple – the work of the intestine is disturbed, in which the balance of microflora changes, toxins are not excreted from the body in the proper amount, but we observe the result of this on the skin of the face.

  • Lack of hygiene or, more simply, you need to wash your face more often, since bacteria that like to multiply exactly where it is not completely clean can become the cause of skin rashes.


  • Wrong skin care differs from the lack of hygiene in that hygiene in this case may be present, but the means for it are not chosen specifically for your skin.

  • extrusion
    – in the case of acne, it may seem that this is the right tactic to get rid of them, but experts strongly advise against doing this, because as a result of squeezing, the infection can penetrate deeper into the skin and the problem will only get worse.

  • Dry skin also one of the frequent causes of the appearance of uninvited guests on the face, so you should drink more, about two liters a day, and moisturize the skin.

Actually, all measures to prevent the appearance of acne come down to eliminating, if possible, the causes of their occurrence: eat right and take care of the skin. Namely: clean the pores of impurities, moisturize and use products to treat inflamed skin.


By Yara

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