The world of beauty constantly presents many wonderful discoveries: some are rooted in ancient times, but they are only becoming widely known among the public now, while others are just momentary trends, the whole benefit of which is to make life not boring. We’ve compiled some interesting media and discussion topics that have caught the attention of Internet users over the past seven days. What did beautyholics write and argue about on the Web?

Take out the perfume and cry

A salty and woody fragrance Tears of Men Who Have Wronged Me
Photo: Etsy User BullishShop

Photo: Fotodom.ru

The beauty industry does not offer cures for body diseases, but it heals the soul perfectly. Did the guy quit? It doesn’t matter if you have a whole bottle of Tears of Men Who Have Wronged Me on hand (“Tears of men who offended me”). A salty, woody fragrance designed to uplift your mood when you imagine how many tears have been shed by those with whom you did not have a relationship. “Man’s tears” have not yet been delivered to Russia, so you can buy the fragrance only via the Internet. If you want to become the owner of this beauty therapeutic agent, you will have to pay no less than $ 30 for a bottle.

tendrils of discord

The movement for the naturalness of advertising photos in the beauty and fashion industry is gaining momentum every year. One by one, the giants of the market are starting to use less and less retouching on promo shots (the trend is supported by Dove, MAC, Urban Decay, L’Oreal Paris, Asos, CVS Pharmacy and other brands). It would seem that there is something wrong? Need to rejoice! Brands even introduce special badges that are attached to photos that have not been processed in photo editors. But the public cannot decide whether they like it or not: some are happy that now in advertising you can see girls not with waxy skin, but with pores and hairs, while others oppose such naturalism.

The other day, a heated debate erupted under a photo posted on the official MAC Instagram account *: users noticed the girl in the picture had hairs above her lip. The audience immediately divided into two warring camps: the first was outraged by the presence of hair in the photo, while the second, on the contrary, was glad that the brand did not retouch the completely natural features of the models. Which one would you join?

Is the acne shot a reality?

No matter how much they talk about skin-positive (the movement against shaming people with acne and other skin features), this does not mean that humanity will stop looking for a simple and effective way to deal with acne. Scientists have found that one of the causes of acne is the bacterium P. acnes. However, it cannot be completely destroyed from the surface of the skin – it enters the microbiome of the body. This means that in itself this bacterium is necessary and useful for a person, only it produces a special toxic protein, from which the skin becomes covered with inflammation.

Photo: Fotodom.ru

Researchers from the US decided to find a way to neutralize not the bacterium, but the protein itself. And they did it: antibodies were found that negate the negative effect of the secretion of bacteria on the skin. Based on these antibodies, a vaccine was created, which has already begun to be tested on mice and skin cells taken from patients diagnosed with acne. The results were good: “Acne has been noticeably reduced in skin samples,” says team leader Dr. Huang. “But it’s too early to talk about a vaccine in production. First, we need to conduct clinical studies, and we are looking for a company that could do this.”

Scientists warn that the secret that the bacterium secretes is not the only cause of acne, so the future vaccine will not be able to 100% get rid of the problem. But many hope for at least a partial solution to it and are looking forward to innovation.

Stone face scrapers

Literally six months ago, everyone was crazy about jade rollers – both Western publications and bloggers wrote about them. This wave did not have time to subside, as a new one came: now the advanced public massages the face with special scrapers made of jade and rose quartz. They came to Europe from China and are called Gua Sha. The eponymous facial and body massage technique has existed since ancient times and involves the impact of absolutely smooth and flat stone plates with rounded edges on certain points on the body and along the massage lines on the face.

Jade and Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Tools
Photo: @mountlai

Masters of Gua Sha assure that with its help you can get rid of acne, relax facial muscles, speed up metabolic processes in the skin and stimulate microcirculation. And jade in contact with the skin is able to remove swelling.

Insta divas are already testing the effect of magic scrapers on themselves with might and main. Would you try?

In Uncle Pumpkin’s house

Autumn has come, the flowers have dried up… But the pumpkins are growing wildly! And their appetizing orange color cannot but inspire the creation of bright makeup. A juicy eye make-up trend in shades of autumn leaves and ripe pumpkins is gaining popularity on Instagram*: orange, ocher and terracotta shadows are combined with shining pigments, as well as with rich black and burgundy eyeliner. What is not a cure for seasonal blues?


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