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“Unlike the market for new buildings, which are now living in a situation of fierce competition and even a price war, when there are five apartments under construction for sale per buyer, there is, fortunately, no such thing on the low-rise construction market. Here, the supply roughly corresponds to the demand,” says Olga Magilina, Marketing Director of KASKAD Real Estate.

Five years ago, when buying an apartment outside the Moscow Ring Road, with a 90% probability a person did this because of a lack of funds to purchase housing within Moscow, and he bought housing outside the city that was lower in cost, larger in area or better in quality. Now the situation has changed markedly. Buyers purposefully seek to settle in the area up to 30 km. away from the city, away from the dense quarter buildings. They travel for a higher quality of life.

Photo: courtesy of KASKAD Real Estate

“Compared to May 2017, we note a 20% increase in demand for proposals in our village Fedoskino Park (Moscow Region, 15 km along Dmitrovskoye Highway), Olga comments on the situation. “And after the release of the new line, we experienced a 5% increase in sales without additional advertising efforts.”

The company’s expert believes that the effect of increasing demand is due not only to the situation on the market itself, but also to the quality of supply. So, taking into account the desire of buyers to lead exactly a country lifestyle, with appropriate paraphernalia in the form of a terrace, barbecue, flower garden and swings, in the village, buyers of duplexes and cottages receive a land plot of a larger area than traditionally offered in other projects: from a minimum of 3 acres up to 20 acres in the forest zone of the village.

Photo: courtesy of KASKAD Real Estate

The status of the land in the settlement is the land of settlements. This means that here you can apply for permanent registration and, along with it, get the right to free education of children in kindergartens and schools, the right to medical care. The presence of central communications in the village is also important: water, electricity, gas, sewerage.

The project is being built in stages, on a total area of ​​40 hectares, surrounded by a picturesque forest (400 hectares) and a river. More than 400 households (cottages and duplexes with an area from 123 to 300 meters), sports and playgrounds, a children’s club, a rope town, a shop, tennis courts, a private beach on the coastline of the river 500 meters, with a restaurant and a pier, are designed here. a park with designer landscape gardening, a fountain, flower beds, recreation areas and walking paths.

Photo: courtesy of KASKAD Real Estate

1.5 km from the residential complex – “big water” (Pyalovskoye, Uchinskoye, Ikshinskoye, Pestovskoye, Klyazmenskoye reservoirs). About 90% of the houses in the village have already been sold, now the last stage is for sale, landscape works are being carried out in the rest of the village. The project ends at the end of 2019.


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