Point in protracted conflict Alena Kravets and her former housekeeper will not be delivered soon. At the very beginning of this year, the singer accused her of stealing an expensive ring and a fur coat. In response to the accusations, the housekeeper said that she allegedly lived in the Kravets house almost locked up, without documents. However, at the beginning of the conflict, things did not go further than mutual reproaches. None of the parties found evidence base for claims. They decided to look for the truth publicly, with the help of a lie detector on the air of a popular show on the federal channel. The absolute truth was not found under the guns of television cameras and a multi-million audience. However, during the broadcast, the housekeeper Alena Kravets gave vent to base feelings and words. And she poured out streams of curses on her former employer, in which the singer’s lawyers saw a reason for a lawsuit on charges of public insult and slander. Alena Kravets and her former employee will meet in court in the very near future. According to the actress’s lawyer David Kemularia, the evidence base on the fact of public insults and slander has been fully collected and the lawsuit will be submitted to the judiciary in a few days.

“Agree, when you are called “prostitute” and “creature” all over the country, on the air of the federal channel, this is an insult to honor, dignity and reputation, which should not go unpunished,” says Kravets. “Therefore, the amount of the claim should be weighty for the defendant. Over the past six months, this woman, insane with her own impunity, has developed a hyperactive activity on social networks, continuing to discredit me, insult me, up to inciting hatred on social grounds. And this is, by the way, Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. After such statements by the housekeeper, for example, about washing my underpants, all this became the subject of public discussion. Now I constantly feel sidelong glances and whispering behind my back. Even if it’s not there, I can’t get rid of the thought. Sometimes, it’s just unbearable, very morally difficult. The judge will notify her of the filing of the claim, as it should be. I’m not going to have any contact with her. This woman “without brakes” and fear, for some strange reason, does not know what she is doing. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on the fact that she will “sober up” in an instant and decide to go to the world one. However, her apologies won’t matter to me anymore. They won’t restore my nerves… I want her to be punished.”


By Yara

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