fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev engaged in the arrangement of their French houses. “I bought my first two houses in the Obergne region in 2002. Vasiliev told 7Days.ru. – At first, the idea of ​​buying a property here seemed like pampering to me, but then I thought: “Why not? I will have my own dacha in France.” I slowly settled down here, made friends, got used to it.”

Why Vasiliev’s French “cottage” is not located somewhere in the suburbs of Paris, but five hundred kilometers from the capital of France, the host of “Fashionable Sentence” explained this way: “In Paris, I had a friend of an aristocrat who often went to rest in Auvergne. I wondered who she was staying with. And she introduced me to Mr. Teri, who has a rich estate in one of the local villages. A friend of mine, who was visiting this estate with me, liked this village so much that he decided to buy property here. And he told me that two more small houses were put up for sale.

They got the houses to Alexander Vasiliev for ridiculous money at the present time. “The cabins looked so abandoned, all covered in brambles. But that is why they were put up for a very small price – 5 thousand euros for both. And I bought them,” Alexander continues. “And three years ago I also bought a third house. If you knew how hard it was to fight the brambles! My friend, Olga Taylor, an opera singer from Australia, who came to visit me, helped me, and the two of us cut the bushes, and then treated the rhizomes with a special tool. Imagine how difficult it was: blackberry bushes are prickly, like raspberries. But now it’s beautiful.”

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