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If the worsening weather caught you by surprise and demi-season shoes are on the list of priority purchases, check out our guide to the most relevant shoe models of this season.

Fashionable autumn boots 2018


1 – Santoni, 2 – Tamaris, 3 – Longchamp, 4 – Fabi, 5 – L’Autre Chose, 6 – Santoni, 7 – Ballin

They were popular in the 60s, and in the 70s, and in the 90s, and now they are literally experiencing a “second youth”. For secular girls, over the knee boots have become the same must have as pumps – the legs in them seem unrealistically long. Suede or stretch fabric, soft leather or with an interesting decor – everyone can find their own option. It is best to wear such boots with skirts and dresses, including sweater dresses, which are still relevant.

Accordion boots

1 – Vic Matie (Rendez-Vous), 2 – Santoni, 3 – Elisabetta Franchi, 4 – Vagabond, 5 – Michael Kors

Fashionable greetings from the 80s look today by no means old-fashioned, rather, at the forefront of fashion. Accordion boots can be just below the knee or above the knee, plain or studded with rhinestones. They also look cool with pleated skirts, mini dresses or tucked in jeans (yes, this fashion trick is back in trend).


1 – Casadei, 2 – Premiata, 3 – Geox, 4 – Vagabond

High or low, embroidered with sequins or made of exotic leather, Cossacks will become a bright accent of the image. Let’s be honest: such shoes cannot be called feminine and elegant, but this is its charm. This season, designers are taking inspiration from the western style, and these boots will help you create the perfect look. Play with contrast – rough cowboy boots will go well with a flying dress, and to keep warm, you can wear a tweed jacket or a loose-fitting knitted sweater on top (and, of course, do not forget about outerwear).

Fashionable ankle boots for autumn 2018

1 – DKNY, 2 – Geox, 3 – Premiata

Classics remain classics, and basic ankle boots remain a fashionable shoe option for autumn. Perhaps this is the most versatile option for those. They go well with trousers, jeans, skirts, and dresses – they serve as the golden mean if you choose between boots (it’s not always possible to wear them under trousers and jeans) or boots (in this case, boots set the tone for the outfit and limit you within the scope of your style). Ankle boots are able to adapt to any image.

1 – Fabi (NoOne), 2 – Deichmann, 3 – Tamaris

This season, ankle boots-stockings are popular (they can easily replace pumps), models of animalistic colors, from suede of saturated colors (they will get along well with things made of velveteen).

1 – Aquazzura, 2 – Econika, 3 – Marc Cain, 4 – Bally, 5 – Vagabond

Those who are looking for unusual solutions should look at ankle boots with fringes, large buckles, tweed or fabric inserts, decorative trimmings with rhinestones, studs, mixed materials or with an unusually shaped or contrasting heel.

1 – Alberto Gozzi, 2 – Tervolina, 3 – Massimo Santini (Rendez-Vous), 4 – Coach, 5 – Fratelli Rossetti (NoOne), 6 – Katy Perry (Rendez-Vous)


1 – Tamaris, 2 – Furla, 3 – Guardiani, 4 – Marc’O Polo, 5 – Barracuda (NoOne), 6 – Deichmann, 7 – DKNY, 8 – Premiata, 9 – Alberto Gozzi, 10 – Ash

Sneakers go from season to season. This fall, you should pay attention to massive sneakers, the so-called ugly shooes, and high sock sneakers. The latter is a good option for fans of a more classic style, because such sneakers can easily be mistaken for athletic-style ankle boots.

Fashion boots for autumn 2018

1 – Marc Cain, 2 – Santoni, 3 – Nando Muzi (Rendez-Vous), 4 – Premiata, 5 – DKNY, 6 – Jog Dog

Rough boots with tractor soles have been presented in the collections of fashion designers for several seasons. This fall, they still remain among the favorites. The best grunge shoes still belong to Dr. Martens, but the new Prada collection also has a place for muscular boots. Here, as with Cossack boots, it is recommended to play in contrast. Black boots with a white dress or plaid skirt look daring.

1 – windsor., 2 – Pollini, 3 – Alberto Gozzi, 4 – Marc’O Polo, 5 – Giovanni Fabiani (Rendez-Vous)

Rough boots go well with coats, jackets, parkas and oversized down jackets, so they are easy to introduce into your wardrobe. And in case of the first frosts, insulated boots will come in handy – lined with fur, wool or special insulation.

1 – See by Chloe, 2 – Alberto Gozzi, 3 – Geox, 4 – Ballin, 5 – Alberto Gozzi, 6 – Nando Muzi (NoOne), 7 – Barracuda (NoOne)


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