Andrey Noskov with his family

Photo: Andrey Fedechko

“We decided to buy a cottage. They began to look at plots, at home. And suddenly we found out that a house is being sold next to our relatives! We wanted to buy it so much that it took only a week from the idea to its implementation, ”says the actor and director Andrey Noskov.

– Andrey, one of your favorite movie characters is Nikita Voronin from the series “Who is the boss in the house?” – Effortlessly manages a huge house. At your own dacha, do you just as easily cope with everyday problems?

“You can’t compare here: there is a mansion that looks like a huge apartment. And I have a small cottage. She appeared with Nastya (Noskov’s wife, with whom they have been married for more than 20 years. – Ed.) quite unexpectedly. We often went with our little son Timofey out of town to visit relatives – so that the child would run on the grass, get some fresh air. But not only our family fell in love with this dacha, it became crowded there. And 13 years ago we decided to buy our own house outside the city. They began to inspect the nearby garden associations. And suddenly, once again visiting relatives, they found out that a plot was being sold next to them. And we got so fired up that it took only a week from the idea to its implementation! True, I had to take a loan …

– In the Leningrad region, almost every village has its own attraction …

“Sometimes you wake up, go around the site, pick 10-15 mushrooms and put them in a frying pan – breakfast is ready!”

Photo: Andrey Fedechko

– And we have it – the famous Mannerheim line. In the 1920s-1930s, Finland built more than a hundred kilometers of defensive structures on the Karelian Isthmus, naming this line in honor of its commander-in-chief. After the Great Patriotic War, most of the surviving firing points were dismantled by our sappers, something was transported to museums. But most of the fortifications remained in place. We have two Finnish pillboxes in our partnership, in which children now play.

– Did you immediately buy a plot with a house?

– With a bathhouse, they lived in it for the first year. The following year, they bought the second part of the site – already with a house, which they arranged for themselves. They changed the internal layout, cleaned the walls inside and out: I really like the unpainted, natural wood. Then they built a large gazebo so that all the guests at the table could fit.

As for amenities, the dacha already had water and electricity (however, before the wires sometimes broke, and we were left without a hot dinner – we have an electric stove). But there is still no gas in the partnership, which, of course, is very inconvenient. After all, gas is not only a gas stove and grill, but also heating and hot water. For example, due to the fact that the foundation of our house is not insulated, on the eve of winter I have to climb into the well and drain all the water. And if I bring my family here during the cold season for the weekend, then a few days before that I have to come to heat the stove, turn on the electric heaters and warm up the house. With gas, it would be possible to maintain a constant temperature of 10-15 degrees, and upon arrival, simply turn on the boiler at full power. And strong fluctuations in temperature harm the house – the walls dry out. Of course, we found out if it was possible to bring gas to us. It turned out that it was possible, but it was very, very expensive. And suddenly, a couple of years ago, we heard that a gas pipeline was being pulled to our SNT. How happy everyone was! But things moved very slowly. Now we hope that the process will accelerate thanks to the state gasification program. I know that due to the form of ownership – a garden partnership – a branch will be brought only to the borders of our village. But I hope that the rest of the work on conducting gas to the house will not cost too much.

“It’s not always possible to just relax in the country. Either you need to repair something, then chop wood, then mow the grass ”With his son Timofey

– What do you like most in the country?

– The fact that around it is a beautiful mixed forest, where there are a lot of mushrooms, blueberries, lingonberries. And we liked the site primarily for its natural landscape. We do not have greenhouses, garden beds (thanks to the neighbors who share zucchini, cucumbers and other crops with us every autumn – there is always a supply of pickles). But there are a lot of trees, grass and wildflowers, a “live” hilly terrain. Sometimes you wake up, go around the site, collect 10-15 mushrooms and put them in a frying pan – breakfast is ready!

At the cottage, physical and psychological calm immediately sets in. Although it is not always possible to simply relax. It is necessary to repair something, then chop firewood for the bath and stove, then mow the grass – it grows at a wild pace. But still, you can relax here much faster than in the city. Therefore, as soon as free time is issued, I come to our dacha. It is good here both in summer and in winter, when everything around is beautifully covered with snow. And what a bathhouse in winter – of course, with access to the frost, in the snow! Once we even celebrated the New Year at the dacha. My son and daughter loved it…

— What are they doing?

“Here you relax much faster than in the city. Therefore, as soon as free time is issued, I come to our dacha “

Photo: Andrey Fedechko

– Timofey started studying at the institute last year, and this year he retaken the exam and entered another specialty. My wife and I do not mind – let him look for his favorite thing. And Glafira is 13 years old, and she plans to become an artist. Well, let’s wait and see…

— What are your creative plans?

– On September 19, right on my birthday, at the Amur Autumn festival I will present to the public my directorial film debut “The Clown is Me!”. In various theatres, including my native Raikin Variety Theater under the direction of Yuri Nikolayevich Galtsev, I have been staging performances for a long time, but this is the first time I am making a movie. The film is about what I love very much – about the theater. Moreover, wonderful actresses Tatyana Tkach, Irina Sokolova, Irina Mazurkevich will tell about life on stage and behind it – in the stand-up genre! Very soon I will start shooting my second film – “Prototype”. This is a fantasy about flying into space, towards extraterrestrial civilizations. And for the first time in my life, I am releasing an acting course – at the Institute of Film and Television. We have to prepare several graduation performances, and this is a very big job. In general, there is a lot to do. But I hope I can escape to my favorite dacha!

Will gas be piped to SNT?

Created for the purposes of gardening and horticulture, SNT in many regions have long turned into full-fledged summer cottages. Often in such partnerships people live year-round. And, of course, many owners of houses in SNT would like to connect to the main gas. Is this possible and how will the new gasification program affect the speed and cost of connection?

Commentary of a specialist from Gazprom Mezhregiongaz:

– Common lands in SNT are collective property, so all the costs of gasification are borne by the members of the partnership. Gas can be provided free of charge only to the border of the horticultural association in previously gasified settlements.

Of course, there are not many SNTs in Russia that fully satisfy such conditions. In recent years, more and more “gardeners” are connected to gas. Firstly, because the network of gas pipelines is expanding, and secondly, the regional authorities take into account the actually changed status of such settlements and include them in applications for gasification. Of course, those associations, next to which the gas pipeline passes, will receive gas first of all. But the “gardeners”, whose SNT is far from the pipe, should not despair. After the gas workers fulfill the priority tasks of gasification under the state program, they will pay attention to other applicants. By the way, you can check if a gas outlet will pass near your SNT on the connectgas.ru website.

Quite often, even with the possibility of connecting to gas, the “human factor” becomes a problem in SNT. In order for the gasification of the partnership to become profitable, it is necessary to recruit a sufficient number of people who want to connect. And, for example, in those villages where people come to their dachas only in the summer, this is difficult to do.
The decision on gasification should be taken collectively at the general meeting. The chairman of the SNT must first draw up a cost estimate, calculate how much it will cost to conduct gas to the sites of the members of the partnership and install equipment. The more owners want to connect to gas, the cheaper the work will cost everyone. Then the chairman must contact the gas distribution organization or send a request to the gas service. Specialists will evaluate the technical conditions for connection and prepare a work permit.

In addition, the issue of gasification of SNT can be resolved by the executive authorities by including the partnership in the regional program for the development of gas supply and gasification of regions.


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